The Family Room/Den Now

I would like to change a few things in the Family Room/Den without spending a ton of money.    For now we are keeping the couch since it has a few good years left in it and it is a decent extra bed when we have guests.  The rug is also staying since it is a fairly new wool rug purchased from the Crate and Barrel outlet in Kittery, Maine.    The room is over our garage, and an area rug that covers most of the room makes a huge difference in the winter.  The walls are painted a Martha Stewart color called wicker white and has some undertones of yellow and pale green.


Below is a floor lamp from Ikea that serves us well and provides nice light.  On the wall are 2 original paintings. The upper is by my grandfather of our house, and the lower is by an artist in Cottonwood, AZ named Sallielou of a city in Pennsylvania.


Above the couch is a Marimekko wall hanging from CB2.  We wanted something oversized over the couch and this was an option that was less than $100.  Looking at the below picture makes it pretty clear that I need to replace the freebie lamp on the left.  I’m thinking of this as an option with the soy base, but I can’t quite establish if it will be tall enough.  I also really like these, but thought that I should probably go with a squarish shade.


The Curtains need to go since they don’t quite match.  I’m thinking of something simple and white.  I never have good luck shopping for curtains.  I also think it is finally time to buy an actual piece of furniture for the stereo instead of using the trunk that I packed all my belongings in when I left for college.  I have been searching for a low L shaped bookcase in white that is not too deep.  My second choice would be a normal bookcase to be positioned in the same way as the trunk.  Once we have a new piece of furniture I’m hoping the artwork doesn’t seem like it is hung so high.  Two more original pieces of art are in this corner, one by my grandfather and the other is from a Vermont Artist.  The room is not very large so we don’t have many options for rearranging.  It only measures 12’x10′.


Here is the TV corner.  We are keeping the TV stand and TV.  The corner unit allows us to make the most of the small space.  I’m thinking of packing up the kite over the television and saving it for flying instead of collecting dust.


Lastly, here is the light fixture that I bought at the Todd Farm Flea Market a while back.  We don’t tend to use it often, but it fits with the house.


So if only I could get the impossible to find items I can finally pull this room together.

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