Frigidaire Flair

Since there seems to be very little information about the old Frigidaire Flair online I have added a Frigidaire Flair category to my blog to archive my findings.

This STOVE IS SOLD 🙂  It will be living in Lexington, KY now instead of Lexington, MA.

I will leave this page up since people seem to post listings here. This stove sold during an eBay auction in April 2009 for $255, not including shipping.  The buyer paid to have it shipped through a company called UCrate from our home in Lexington, MA. UCrate drops off the crate and the shipper must pack the crate.  This required some help from our neighbors since the stove was so heavy.  Once the heavy lifting was complete it required some padding and straps to hold down the stove and the stove arrived safely in its new home, Lexington, Kentucky. 

Frigidair Flair 1

“The Happiest thing that ever happened to cooking…OR YOU!” ….
So promises this 1962 brochure for the Frigidaire Flair.

We are looking for a good home for our 1962 Frigidair Custom Imperial Stove.

In great condition. One burner needs maintenance. See pics below.

  • Electric
  • Made in the early 1960s
  • Base Cabinet included (2 door storage area under cooktop)
  • 4 burner, pull out cooktop
  • Has attached hood
  • Double oven unit with “gull-wing”doors
  • Oven light
  • Overhead light
  • 40″ wide, 68.5 “tall, 25” deep

Frigidair Flair Manual Cover

This STOVE IS SOLD 🙂  It will be living in Lexington, KY now instead of Lexington, MA.

Frigidair Flair 4

Frigidair Flair 3

Frigidair Flair 2


634 Responses to Frigidaire Flair

  1. Dirk Johnson says:

    Is this still on the market? If so, can you ship it?

    • jack says:

      i still have this stove different owner if interested e-mail

      • razzor says:

        Jack I would like to see some pics an more info, an price, of what you want for the stove. please send me some news at my email, Thanks

      • renee farrell says:

        @Jack, couldnt help but to say..I HAVE THIS MONSTER I’ve had 2 at the same time, if U can belive that. Still use 1 in the garage. The stoves are well over 1,000lbs

    • Michael Johnshoy says:

      I have this same stove in my garage. I just want to get rid of it. $250 or BO.

    • Jim says:

      I have a rcdb-630 Flair I think it’s 1960 because that’s the copyright of the manual which appears to be complete with an electrical schematic. It’s in good condition with a few bulbs out but all burners and the oven works. I live in RI if anyone is interested

      • Mike Stefanski says:

        I am the owner of the stove that now resides in Lexington, Ky.
        I am interested in purchasing your owners manual. Will you sell it? I can pay you through PAYPAl. Please let me know.
        Thanks, Mike

      • Sharon says:

        I may be interested. Please email me @

      • Luevinnia says:

        Hello, How are you? I am very much interested in the deb-630, 1960, I have been looking for a while, Please e-mail, with the information that I need. And do you have any photos,and price to purchase, I really hope that I’ll be able to purchase a really really nice one, Thank you very much, Please me right away, if you possibly can, I would very much appreciate it, you thank again. Lue

      • Juleigh Wilson says:

        Jim, Have you sold this stove? I also live in RI.

      • Jesse says:

        Yes I am. Do you have any pics? Thanks

      • Bob hutchins says:

        Hello Jim, my name is Bob Hutchins, I live in Suwanee, Ga. My wife’s mother has a model flair Frigidare stove. the right front oven and the right front burner no longer works. She has misplaced the owners/parts book for this stove. Is there any chance that you can email us pages from your manual? Thanks for your reply. Bob. Email address:

    • Jim says:

      I have a rcdb-630 Flair I think it’s 1960 because that’s the copyright of the manual which appears to be complete with an electrical schematic. It’s in good condition with a few bulbs out but all burners and the oven works. I live in RI if anyone is interested

    • TRISHIA ALDANA says:

      I have one exactly like was sold on this page. $ 200.00 , B/O or a trade for gas stove.

    • Madonna says:

      Jack, is your stove still available? If you have not sold it, I am very interested in hearing about and purchasing it.

    • Renee says:

      Madonna, We have the same stove for sale – Live in Rochester NY – Willing to sell for $200 if interested. Email me at

    • Sharon says:

      Please if anyone knows where I can get a RCIB-645-2 Flair Electric Range contact me @

      • Brittni says:


        My parents are looking to sell their Frigidaire Flair oven/stove, and aren’t sure what the market is out there for it. It is in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition, and has recently had one of the lift doors repaired. One burner is a little wonky, and it takes a while for one of the ovens to heat up, but it’s worth the wait!

        It’s located near Rochester, NY in Livonia, and will soon be moved to Toms River, NJ. Please e-mail me with offers if interested ( We will NOT ship this item, it will be pick-up only!

    • rich spinale says:

      I have the same stove and will be selling it when i remodel my kitchen.In june or july. Rich in norwood

    • Mark says:

      I have an electric 1950’s Frigidaire range to sell. Ft Worth, Tx area. Will not ship. Everything works and it is in great condition.

      • CJ says:

        Is this range still available? I am looking for one in the north TX/Panhandle area.

      • Kathy says:

        Did you have any luck selling as I am in Fort Worth and I have just purchased a home with one in it that is working

      • Sergio says:

        I have a early 60’s single oven Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial that contains the drawer base, exhaust vent, backsplash, exhaust vent tube, meat thermometer, and owner’s manual. It even had the original owner’s purchase receipt. I’ve remodeled my kitchen and it is now in the garage. Had not been used in several years. Make offer if interested. Sergio

      • D. Mason says:

        Do you have it still? I have a pink one and am looking for parts.

    • renee farrell says:

      SHIP it’s so heavy..Ovens detach from base cabinet.

  2. easterkiwi says:

    Yes it is still available. Where are you located? We live in the Boston area. If you are seriously interested we can look into shipping for a heavy item. We would require the buyer to pay for shipping or if you are relatively close maybe we could come up with other arrangements. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. connie says:

    Where are you located? How much does the stove cost?

  4. easterkiwi says:

    We are located in Lexington, MA. We are asking $500 or best offer.

  5. Steve says:

    Hi easterkiwi!
    Is the Flair still available? We have the same model, but ours is in need of parts (which are hard to find for this model) and repairs. What maintainance does the burner require and which burner is it? Does the Heatminder thermostat in the burner still work? How about the rubber gaskets around the oven doors? Your Flair may be the answer we are looking for. We love it too! And we live in Townsend, MA which is not too far away.

  6. Ray says:

    Would love this range!! But as others would need to be shipped to me. And sadly 500.00 would be my max give or take a little with shipping. I am in Columbia, South Carolina.

    • Osccarr says:

      We have a frigidaire stove, custom imperial if any of you would be interested in buying let me know 🙂 I live in Denver, Colorado

      • Sandra Bagdanovich says:

        I have a Frigidare Flair stove that needs to be thrown out. I would love to get another one. Do you have it?……thanks……….S

      • Nick D says:

        Sandra, I have one that looks very similar to the one above. White storage stand, fan, double oven, etc. Located in Western Illinois.

      • Tom Callahan says:

        Could you send me the Model no. and or a picture of your range please. Are all components working? Thanks

      • Nick D says:

        Tom, what is your email address, I’ll send some pictures. I would give you model number but have no idea where to look. Do you know where that is?

      • Nick D says:

        I forgot the rest of Tom’s question. The left rear burner does not work currently, but I’m told that you can get replacements, have not checked to see if this is true. The clock does not work. I have not tried to fix either yet.

      • Do you still have the stove? Ronald Hooker 372-0747 thanks..
        we are interested…

    • Sharon says:

      I am looking for the flair electric stove does anyone know where I could find one near Michigan?

      • I am in Fargo, ND and have a flair looking to sale. If interested please email me and I can send pics.

      • The Johnsons says:

        I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair for sale if you are still interested, let me know. It’s in great shape. I love this stove/oven.

      • The Johnsons says:

        My email
        I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair for sale if you are still interested, let me know. It’s in great shape. I love this stove/oven. $450 obo

      • Ann Miller says:

        I know it’s now 2013 but I will be moving soon and want to sell my Frigidaire stove. for $500.00. I live in Michigan. It is in good condition and everything works except the light that spans across the top of the stove. If your still interested in it you can email me . I can then take pictures anfd send them to you. A. Miller

      • Ann Miller says:

        Sharon or whomever would be interested, I live in Michigan and have a beautiful Frigidaire Custome Imperial Model RCI-645K purchased in 1967.Base cabinet is included. I have part of the original manual and the company sent me a copy of the rest of it. All lights work except the long front panel light which can easily be replaced. I replaced it once many years ago. Both ovens, broiler & four burners are in working condition.The only flaw can be seen on the finish just above the slide out cooking drawer. This stove has a prepare ahead timer, outlet timer and a working clock. I’ve used and loved this stove for many years and then when we moved it had to be moved to the basement, but it always got us through many holidays where we cooked and ate in the basement. I hope I find a good home for it.
        This stove is very heavy and needs to be picked up by the buyer. One more thing, it originally came in white but we had it painted turquoise(the fad of the day). Right now the lower cabinet dwarers have a brown contact paper on them. I’m asking $500.00 for it and will be posting pictures of it also,as soon as I can figure out how. If interested email me at Ann Miller

      • Deborah Thompson says:

        I have one in St. Louis. 3142832653

    • lisa says:

      have a flair for sale in miami, 786 326 8801

      • Bob Hutchins says:

        Hello Lisa, my name is Bob Hutchins, I live in Suwanee, Ga. We have a Flair. The right front burn burner and a part in the right top oven is broken, so the oven will not heat up. We have misplaced the owners/parts book. Do you have, or know where i can get this owners/part book? Thanks for your reply. My e-mail address is:

  7. Rachael Perry says:


    I have a 1961 custom imperial frigidaire flair in amazing shape aesthetically, mechanically all ovens, knobs, place and working. However, only 1 burner is working right now. Replacement burners can still be found online. I am getting ready for a kithen remodel and replacing it with a viking, will be sad to see it go. It does not have the built in fan/blower. Great unit, bit more upgraded than the above mentioned. Email me if interested. I can take some photos and download if interested. RP in Portland Maine

  8. Tonia says:

    I have the same unit and also getting ready for a Kitchen remodel.
    Ovens work- but only one burner is operating presently – will sell with best offer.
    Live in the East Bay, California.
    Let me know if anyone is interested.

  9. Christie says:

    How much are you selling this for. I live in Tulsa,ok would need to be shipped to me also.

    • Darrah says:

      I have a Fridgidaire Custom Imperial Flair. I would be willing to part with it. I live in Southern Oklahoma. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

      • michael hopkins says:

        Hi, just wanted to ask if you still have the fridgidair Imperial Flair stove. i live in a 1950s home in oklahoma city and i have been looking for that fridgidaire stove. Thanks, Michael Hopkins

      • michael hopkins says:


      • Pat says:

        For Darrah in Oklahoma,

        Do you still have your Frigidaire Flair and is it still working well? My daughter would like to have one as she remembers her Grandmothers in the 60.s. I am in Tennessee but I could probably come and pick it up.


      • David Hennes says:

        I have a Frigidaire Flair that is in very good condition that was in the house I just bought and I need to sell it. I will be happy to post pictures if anyone is interested. I am near the Charlotte, NC area in SC.

      • David Hennes says:

        I forgot to include my e-mail address:

      • Louvenia says:

        I would like to know if you still have flair stove

      • Louvenia says:

        Would like to know if yoy still have flair stove

      • Cheta Hall says:

        We have a Custom Imperial Flair range model RCIB-645. The two 8 inch electric burners (book calls them radiantubes) have detached -they don’t swing up -they are just floopy. The only thing holding them up is the 3 pronged support. We have used them this way for some time -but my son got “shocked” at Christmas using the back left one. Now I’m very nervous when we use the front one. (We don’t use the back one any more) No one in my area works on them. We live NE of Dallas. What condition is yours in? Does everything work? My husband and I are retired-but he works part time. We might be able to drive to see yours if you are in southern Oklahoma. Please let me hear from you about your location and the range. Thanks

    • Tyra says:

      Is anyone still actively looking for a 1955 (appx.) Frigidaire Custom Imperial (Flair)? We have a brown one is great condition. But we are located near Seattle Washington. I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would shoot it out there. Asking $400 for it. I can send photos.

  10. is it still on the market? How much for shipping? I live in Michigan

  11. all I really need is a speed heat control for mod. # rcib-645

  12. Sue says:

    Is htis still for sale? I am in NJ but interested. please let me know asap. Thank you.

  13. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  14. Denice Hegemann says:

    We have a 1961 Frigidaire Flair we are looking to find a home for. Three burners work. We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  15. mark says:

    please send photos

  16. Melissa S says:

    We have a Frigidaire custom imperial Flair circa 1960, I think it might be slightly older or newer than the one pictured. Our stove top knobs are on the right hand side instead of the left. I am looking to sell ours also. We are in the South Central PA. I will post pictures later today if anyone is interested.

  17. Connie says:

    I have a Flair Frigidaire for sale near Detroit, Michigan. If anyone is interested, please email me at Price is negotiable. Both stoves work and all burners work. Thanks!

  18. Amber says:

    I just go a house with the old 1960 flat cooking top and stove and roaster on top.

    The owner told me one of the nobs to turn off the big burner is not there anymore. Is there anywhere I can find the nob to replace that so The burner will work. Plus one of the nobs no matter what temp the other big burner just gets high heat.

    If anyone can help me please thanks amber

  19. Jeri lynn says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair electric stovetop from the early 60s – in perfect conditon. Make offer. Unfortunately you will have to pay shipping.
    If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at

  20. Peggy Crosby says:

    I am looking for a Custom Imperial Flair from the 60s. Please e-mail me at Thanks, Peggy

  21. Bernice says:

    I have a frigidaire flair, but it is only 30 inches wide and has only one oven,but iis very similiar to your model. I am looking for an oven thermostat and a manual. Would it be popssible for you to fined the part number of the thermostat and copy the manual for m,e? I would be happy to pay for your trouble. I really love this range|

  22. Kimberly says:

    Bernice, I think I have the same oven. I can get the model # to check to be sure. I found the manual too. Not sure it has what you need or not. Let me know if you’ve already found what you need or if I can help.

  23. Bernice says:

    Where do I find the model number. and yes I do need the manual. I have an electrician who will work on my oven, but needs the manual first. Thanks for your reply. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Bernice

  24. Kristine says:

    We’re selling a vintage Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair upright stove for only $100. You gotta come pick up in Savannah, Ga. (great place to visit!). 🙂 Please e-mail me at

  25. Catherine says:

    We are still using our Flair……I have not remodeled our kitchen because of it. Best appliance ever! There is no way I would stoop to pull out a turkey etc. We Flair people get so spoiled. Mine is still in A+ condition…except for the appliance outlet on the right.

    Hope it goes to a good home.

  26. Kris says:

    I have an early 60’s Custom Imperial for sale, 40″ on base, 2 back burners and large oven work, as do lights. Used daily–but doesn’t fit into our remodel. In Los Angeles area, pick up only. Make offer.

    • Jennie says:

      I live in the L.A. area and need a Custom Imperial..I have no to repair it and I want to cook a turkey

      • Kim says:

        My neighbors have a flair custom imperial here in central california that they want to sell. If anyone is interested please email me

  27. Peggy Crosby says:


  28. Bernice says:

    peggy I still have my Flair and am still trying to get it repaired or replaced. any help in this matter would be appreciated.

  29. Rita says:

    I am looking for a 40″ Flair to replace one I’ve had for 28 years. I love it but neither oven works any longer and I can’t find anyone to repair them. Am in the Boston area. If anyone has one for sale or knows where I can get parts/repairs please email. This is such a great unit…just can’t imagine being without it.


  30. Michael O'Neill says:

    We have a Flair Model # RCDB 640-01. Right oven quit. Can’t find parts. Will buy for parts or if great condition one to replace. Need a 40″ model base not needed. We’re in Seattle but will pay to ship

  31. Ron says:

    Rita, I have a Fridgidare Flair Electic Range..40 inch 1962 model RCIB 635C 60CY. We are remodelling..great stove, one back butner not working , otherwise everything else does. Have Owners manual, wiring diagram, and Instalation Instructions. You may have it for little more than cost of unintalling and shipping. We are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  32. Joe says:

    We are looking to unload our Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe.
    We are in Raleigh, NC.
    Make us an offer, we want it out of my garage… the dang thing is HEAVY.

  33. Eva Gordon says:

    I have a flair that was perfect. Unfortunately I had a kitchen fire and the left small oven is burned. I could sell it cheap for parts.
    Allentown PA.
    If anyone has one in great shape I would love to buy it.

  34. Connie Ellsworth says:

    In Ohio with a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Range, Love it but want to remodel.
    In perfect working order except one burner. I don’t use burners have a cooktop. No brokers please. i will not ship must be picked up. I want $500. for it.

  35. Glynn Simmons says:

    I have a Flair for sale. I think it’s a 1962. Its in OK shape – no dings, all the parts, but all four burners just went out and it needs a good cleaning. I moved it out of the house and it’s ready to be picked-up. I live in Milford, MI – North/West of Detroit.

    If interested e-mail me:

  36. michelle says:

    We have have this same model, we are looking for the top piece (is it some sort of vent?) and the bottom cabinet. We just have the oven/range section. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  37. Kim Cesati says:

    I am need of a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Range, I am in the Northeast MA, Southern NH area. Please let me know if anyone has one in the area for sale, thanks.

  38. liz says:

    What can I use to clean my Custom Imperial Frigidaire Flair? I’m afraid of scratching the stove top and damaging the ovens. The previous owner left some burnt stuff in the ovens and grease on the glass doors.

    Thanks in advance for your advice,

  39. Connie Ellsworth says:

    Liz, I just use oven cleaner on the oven and I take the shelfs out and the element. Rinse with water after a time and it just comes off. You can also do the glass inside the oven doors. Hope it helps.


  40. liz says:

    Hi Connie,

    My husband took off the doors and scraped them with a razor. They look great. What kind of over cleaner should I use? All the ones I see in the store say they are not for chrome. My ovens are shiny chrome and I would not want to dull them or scratch them. How do you take the element out?



  41. liz says:

    My husband wants to replace the balast for the light. Has anyone tried this?

  42. Ronda Setser says:

    We have a Frigidaire Imperial Custom Flair 40″ Range with all ovens, burners, even clock, in great working condition. Stainless Steel and white with double doors for sale. We live in Portland, OR if anyone is interested please reply via email. Contact us, pics available. Thanks,

  43. Connie Ellsworth says:

    Sorry I haven’t responded. I have been away. I only use oven cleaner on the inside of the oven and it hasn’t scratched or dulled the surface I don’t use it for the burners. I don’t use burners because I have cooktop. To get the elements out of oven be sure oven is off and cool take out shelves and shelf guides on sides of oven and then you just pull out the elements. Don’t immerse them in water or anything. then clean interior of oven. I always use a warm cloth to wipe spills from oven.
    I am really interested in selling, I am in NE Ohio please post if you are interested in making an offer. This for all who read.

    Connie in Ohio

  44. Steve says:

    Hello, I have a Frigidaire Flair in Dayton OHIO if anyone is interested. $400. Everything works except clock. Very clean. Just bought a 1954 ranch home and the previous owers bought it new orginally. If interested, please respond to I can provide pictures in needed or answer any and all questions.


  45. nancy says:

    please contact me with price on Frigidaire flair in florida i can pick up in working condition please!

  46. George says:

    I have a Frigidaire Imperial Custom Flair 40″ Range in great working condition. All buttons and knobs work, lights, etc. It is stainless and tercotta colored. I am in PA but will be making a trip to Boston next month if anyone along the way is interested. Email me at

  47. ron dimbert says:

    I have a Custom Imperial in perfect working condition. Everything works except for the large gull wing oven door; it does not stay open all the way without assistance. No bottom cabinet; it’s built into our cabinets.

    It’s located in Osage Beach, Missouri and we will sell for best offer over $500. Buyer must pick up or pay for shipping.

    If you are interested, pix are available.

    Email at

  48. Elisa says:

    I have a 1960’s Frigidair Custom Imperial Stove that works great. We are looking to sell. Email me ( with any offers or if you want photos. We live in Florida so if you need it shipped the buyer will have to pay for shipping.

  49. AB May says:

    I am looking for a Frigidaire Model RCIH-645. If this is the stove you have I am definitely interested. Any pics you have please send them to

  50. Joe says:

    I have a nice flair custom imperial in white and stainless that is for sale. Everything works, was owned by Our Grampa, not used very often. I am asking $400. you pay freight, comes with the 2 door metal base which is a nice find in of itself. If someone can direct me where to look I’ll post the exact model number and year, don’t know where to find it.
    you can see it posted on CL in Reno NV:
    Email me through CL please. thanks

  51. Denney says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe that is for sale. Never installed it so I don’t know what works and what doesn’t. Willing to investigate for potential buyers. From the looks of it, the previous owner wasn’t much of a cook because it is super clean. No stains on the range nor the oven doors. No knobs missing. Located in Las Vegas, NV. To make me an offer or request pics, email me at

  52. Kathy says:

    I have a Frigidaire RCIB-645 Flair Range. I’m looking for the bottom heating element in the smaller left hand oven. Does anyone know where I can find one?

  53. Ivan Friedman says:

    I have a Flair range for sale -$300, in good condition, but problems with the same problems with the burners. I am in Lubbock Texas. You can contact me at or see

  54. William says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I’m in same boat with small oven lower element gone bad. Did you find one anywhere? Thanks

  55. paul says:

    please help ! im looking for a flair oven for my mom she has one and loves it so very much but hardly anything works on it , im trying to find a replacement before she passes away as it would make her so very happy to have it working again if any one has one for sale ( i believe its a 62 year ) and is willing to ship it or lives close to ohio as i will take off work to come get it please contact me at

  56. Liz Pritchard says:

    We have a Frigidair Flair for sale. There are two burners on the right that do not work but other than that it works fine. We still use it everday but are planning a kitchen remodel so would like to replace it. We are asking $400 and the buyer would have to arrange pick up. We are in Upstate New York. Interested buyers can contact me at

  57. mari says:

    i have a fridgidair flair for sale old owners remodeled home and left the stove i am wanting to sell.

  58. mari says:

    have a fridgidair flair for sale old owners remodeled home and left the stove i am wanting to me at

  59. Jeremy Williams says:

    Hi, I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial (made by General Motors) for sale. The unit has been well taken care of, and remains in quite good condition. Item is for sale, as kitchen was just remodeled and oven/stove replaced with a modern Frigidaire unit. We loved this stove/oven, and it remains in good working condition. If interested, or if you have questions, please contact me at

    Thanks for your interest!

  60. Linda McFeters says:

    I have a wonderful 40 in. Flair. Both my thermostats are shot. I would like to purchase another stove for backup parts. Please contact me.

  61. paul says:

    WANTING to buy frigidaire flairs
    in north east ohio area working or not call 330-837-7672 between 8am and 5pm monday thru friday we also offer repair services for the flairs !

  62. Kathy says:


    I purchased a new lower left oven element from Electrolux. Call 800-599-7569. It is a special order and takes a few weeks. Part no. is CH963. Cost $39.99 plus shipping.

  63. Curt Edmonson says:

    If any one is interested I have a 1962 Custom Imperial stove that is in excellent condition. I removed it from its original home in September of 07 and it has been stored in my garage ever since. The thermostat for the oven needs to be replaced, but all stove burners were working at time of removal, if I remember correctly clock does not work. I am located in Gallup, NM I am willing to arrange packaging and shipping. If anyone is interested I can email pictures.
    Call 505 879 6096 or email for more information. I would love to get this thing out of my garage!

  64. Tonya Dunnavant says:

    For Sale, frigidaire flair custom deluxe in West Virginia, everything works but the broilers. Contact for more info. It will be missed.

  65. Dan says:

    Hello! My fiancee’s mother had an unfortunate accident with her Custom Imperial Oven, Model RBGB 335. Tin foil shorted out the bottom element inside the oven. Element for sale? Or anybody unloading their own RBGB 335? Thank you for any replies, we are located in western Massachusetts for those concerned with shipping. Email

  66. Sandy MFall says:

    Hi! I have a Custom Imperial, also….don’t really want to sell but could use the cash….but only to GOOD home- I love this stove! Everything works but clock (pin just needs tightening). It works great! It’s pale yellow. $500 obo. I live on the Eastern Shore of Va. You pick up or ship…..I had a metal base made for mine w/ 4 in casters- easy to clean under and move (still heavy). Contact @…..

  67. Kassidi Stone says:

    I have a Flair circa 1960s. Everything works. Excellent condition! Very clean. Email me if interested with offer. Located near Lubbock, TX.

  68. I have a Flair Custom Imperial 40″ in excellent condition. Was used very little since 1973 when Grampa died. I am located in Grass Valley, CA in the foothills near Sacramento. Was working fine when we did remodel in 2007 and is now in garage. Best offer over $500.
    It is on the base unit and is white with stainless. email

  69. carolyn hughes says:

    Hi is this overn available. If it is, please let me know. I am in Henderson, NC.

  70. carolyn hughes says:

    Please let me know about this oven. Is it still available?


  71. Flair in Portland Oregon says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair for sale, just replacing with a new stove. Right side oven doesnt work, needs some attention but overall a great vintage range, been using it forever. Email with best offer. Must be able to pick up, Im in Portland Oregon. Really didnt want to just put it in the garage, its just too cool for that.

  72. Jeffrey Cates says:

    I have a 1960’s Frigidaire Flair that is currently in use (fair condition worn & some burners do not work) that will be torn out during a 2009 summer kitchen remodeling. Let me know if anyone is interested.

  73. Crystal says:

    I have a 1950’s Frigidaire Imperial Custom Flair for sale, pics available if your wanting to see them. It is Model Number R040-C2. Will need to be shipped because we are located Calgary, Canada. $500, email if interested

  74. Gilbert says:

    I am interested in acquiring one that is in very good shape. Not to important if burners work or not as I have accdess to parts. I do want to see pictures of it and would totally love to pick one up that has the fan unit on top of the ovens

    Email me so we can work out something. I would like it shipped but depending on where it is I could go pick it up.

    Thanks to anyone reading this and to all who can help.

    God bless,


  75. Darlene James says:

    I have a 1950’s Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair Range that is in great shape but we need to sell as we are doing a remodel. Original oven that was bought when my husbands grandfather built this home and I have lived here 20 years and it just won’t quit. Everything works except 1 burner and clock. Make an offer as we want to find it a good home! We live in Santa Barbara, CA.

  76. Kevin Gartner says:

    I am interesting in getting a Flair for my Kitchen. I want to Double
    oven custom imperial model. I am located in York, NE.
    If anyone has one that is close or might be able to work something
    out please let me know..
    Thank you,

  77. Jovanka Hammond says:

    What kind of oven cleaner is used to clean the Flair oven? Brush on, Spray? Thanks for your help. J,. GHammond

  78. Nate Youngs says:

    I also have a Flair for sale. It appears to be in decent condition, although I do not know if it works. It is located in upstate NY. E-mail for more info or pics.

  79. greg says:

    i have a 1950s flair for sale excellent condition call 973 632 3534 in new jersey

  80. Derric says:

    I have a fully functional custom flair for sale in south east Michigan. All four burners plus both ovens work like a charm. Check out the pics below or contact me for more info.


  81. TED says:


  82. TED says:

    LOOKING FOR A FLAIR DOUBLE OVEN AND ACCES. EMAIL ME AT put oven in the topic.Im in the Atlanta area

  83. Mary says:

    A friend of mine is looking for a Frdgidaire Flair Range Model 635, 30 in. wide. He wants it for parts to possibly repair the one he has. He’s near Buffalo, NY. If you know of one, please e-mail me.

  84. Mark R says:

    Have a Flair double which works but the clock glass is broken. Anyone know where I might find a replacement part? Thanks

  85. Don H says:

    have a Model #RCI-645J remodeling the kitchen and not room for it, great old stove, all the burners work, and both ovens work, clock works sometimes, and the timed outlet doesn’t work.
    Phoenix, AZ local pickup only, asking $750.00

  86. Don H says:

    P.S. the rotiserie motor works but don’t have the rotiserie

  87. Ron Tremmel says:

    Interested in purchasing a Custom Imperial. Seattle but willing to have the right one shipped.

  88. warren smith says:

    Looking for Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe pull-out range, Texas area.

    • mary says:

      warren i live in the dallas fort worth area i am trying to clean out garage and get the oven out it is a 1960 flair i was told it worked myself not sure its been in our garage since we moved in,it just looks so neat did not want to throw away but if you are really interested and can arrange pickup you can have

  89. Don H says:

    mine is still for sale in Phoenix, would consider shipping, buyer would be responsible for arranging shipping and pay all shipping costs

  90. ed says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial (made by General Motors). Model # RCIB-645 From the 1960’s for sale. The unit is clean well taken care of, two burners and one of the oven broiler burner don’
    t work but easy to replace. for sale for $500 I am in Portland , OR . You pick up or ship. If interested, or if you have questions, please contact me at

    Thanks for your interest!

  91. Nadine says:

    Vintage Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial Electric Range, model # RCIB-635
    $100 Obo.
    1960 or 1961 model, white 30”wide, single oven with base unit, black pull out burner drawer, original owners manual included, glass on control panel and oven window in good shape, all knobs and dials included, 3 burners and oven work well. Front right burner heats but not correct, unit was still used right before unplugging to move, because of kitchen remodel. Oven will clean up nicely. Great for your retro kitchen, since there are few like this Frigidaire Flair.

    Located near Pella, Iowa, you must pick up.

  92. Merry says:

    For Darlene James – I have model RCIB-645-2 and if yours is the same model – would be interested in buying yours. I live in Burbank, CA. Please provide a phone or email where I can contact you if this item is still available.

  93. William says:

    I have a 1960’s Frigidaire Flair for sale in Los Angeles/Riverside. Excellent condition and everything was working when we took it out of Grandparents’ house, so I assume it still is. Brown and not a scratch on it. $1000.00 OBO.

    Pics available to email. Reply to Jake at

  94. Kenneth O Bruce says:

    I have a FIGIDAIRE MODEL RCIH-645. In good condition, All burners work fine, large oven work fine, Small oven is not working just went
    out the other day. Have pictures it needed. call me at 816-805-5416
    or email at for offer.

  95. Mark says:

    I have a Custom Imperial Model RCIB-645-2 for Sale.
    Everything works and in great condition.
    We live in NE Texas. Buyer will need to pay shipping.
    I will get pictures to interested buyers.

    • Pat says:

      Mark in NE Tennessee,

      Do you still have your Flair? If so, how much do you want and I would like pictures.
      Thank you,


  96. William says:

    1963 Frigidaire Flair Model RCIB-645-2 (Custom Imperial). Great condition. Worked perfectly when removed from the house 2 years ago. It’s been in storage for 2 years and is in pristine condition. Not a scratch on it. Metallic brown. Base Cabinet (2 door storage area under cooktop) and original owners manual (also in pristine condition) included. In Riverside, CA. Can possibly deliver locally. pics available to email.

    • Jim Haase says:

      Is your Fridgedair Imperial Stove still for sale? if so, how much and please send pictures if possible. Thanks, JH

  97. easterkiwi says:

    Hello all. The very stove described at the top of this post is for sale and listed on ebay:

  98. Marc DeCarli says:

    Hello everyone, My in-laws have a 1960s RCDB-640 Flair Range and B-40 Base Cabinet. They’re on the cusp of retiring and are planning on updating the kitchen with new appliances, cabinets, etc..

    Several searches has led me to this site, and I hope that someone would be able to offer advice on the best way(s) to sell this oven.

    I can tell you that it’s in excellent condition and works perfectly. Based on what I’ve seen I assessed the value to be $500-$700. It’s in Madison, WI, so anyone in the area/region that is interested can reach me at

  99. mary says:

    i have a 1960 flair oven i am trying to get rid of only thing if interested you will have to arrange pickup please e-mail if interested what do you got to lose its free!!!

  100. mary says:

    have a 1960 flair oven i am trying to get rid of only thing if interested you will have to arrange pickup please e-mail if interested what do you got to lose its free!!!
    sorry e-mail

  101. Nick says:

    I live in WA and i have a 1960 double oven flair available. Was all working when stored away. Believe everything is in working condition. I am asking $350 OBO. Email me at for more infromation or pictures.

    • Melinda says:

      Do you still have the double flair oven? I would be interested in seeing pictures and getting information. I am trying to replace a 1963 Flair Double Oven (built in) that just stopped working this week.

  102. brneyedgrl80 says:

    I’m interested a 30″ flair oven for my retro kitchen. I’m in the Phoenix area and would like something fairly close where I can pick it up (Southern California, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado are not out of the question). Not really looking to spend more than $350-$400. Thanks so much!

    I can be reached at

  103. Heather says:

    I have a Custom Imperial Flair oven for sale just like the one shown in the pics above. It needs a good cleaning, but everything works with the exception of the clock. Best offer takes it & someone willing to pick it up. (I’m near Reading PA). See it on my craigslist posting @ You can also email me at Thank you!

  104. Karen says:


    I have a 1960s Frigidaire Custom Deluxe REFRIGERATOR. Do folks who buy the stoves want the fridge to match? I’m getting a new fridge, and wondering if I should have the old one hauled away or if there are folks who’d want it.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Karen, saw your post today. Where are you located? I could be interested in the refrigerator you have described on your post. Do you have pictures, is it working? Thanks, Jim

      • Karen says:

        Hi Jim,

        I am in the Portland, Oregon area. I don’t have photos. It is working, though the seal needs replacing. Based on your response, I now think I should put it up for sale on Craigslist and/or Ebay. So if you’re in my area, watch for it there. I will try to post a listing (with photos) within a week or two.

        The funny thing is, my “new” refrigerator will be a 1956 Frigidaire. 🙂


  105. Jim says:

    Hi Karen, I think you might have luck on craigslist. There my be some interest in your refrigerator. Wish I was closer to your location. I would be very interested if I were closer to you. I am in St. Petersburg, Florida. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. Good luck. Jim

  106. Joan says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial with the double ovens on top. Both ovens and all 4 burners work. It is in beautiful condition yet. I have no place to use it since I moved, I absolutely hate to see it go, but need to sell ASAP. I live in Medford, WI. I will take best offer for the stove . Thanks!

    • Chris V says:

      Do you still have the stove available and a picture. I am located by the IL. state line and interested.

      Thank You

  107. Barb Cook says:

    I have a Fridgidaire Custom Imperial to sell. The oven works and all 4 burners work also…it needs some major cleaning. It would be better for parts as it wasn’t taken care of. I live in southern Wisconsin and will take the best offer. It is not the same model as the one pictured. It only has one oven section but still measures 40″ wide. Please email me if interested. I will probably be putting it on craigs list also.

  108. andrea says:

    Does anybody know where to find parts for these stoves/ovens. I am looking for oven and parts and new elements. I have searched and searched and i have been sent the wrong parts.
    OUr kitchen was built aroudn this oven unit so we can not just take it out and put a new “regular” oven/cooktop in. Desperate for our oven to work in Canada!!!

  109. Ann Marie says:

    I am so amazed that my 1955 Custom Imperial still works. My family and I use it everyday. I recently realized just how old it is. I live in my aunt’s home and it is the original range purchased in 1955. It is priceless to me, however I wondered if it is worth anything?

  110. Mike says:

    I have a Fridgidaire Flair (I believe it is the same one that is int he picture – it looks identical). It has been in my garage/basement for several years. Everything still works so it can be used as is or for parts for anyone interested. In Mpls area, contact me if interested in purchasing.

    • Estelle says:

      Mike, You can get the model no. by lifting the back burner on the left side of the stove. Look towards the back of the stove and you should see a metal plate with the model number on it. I am looking for a light switch for Model RCIB 645-2. If you are interested in selling parts, please let me know whether you have the same model and please verify that the lights are working (fluorescent light, interior oven lights).

  111. Starla says:

    I currently have a 30″ Flair but I am missing the lower cabinets. Does anyone know where I might obtain some or does anyone have them to sell? I’m in Arizona.

  112. Jeff Byrnes says:

    I just recently posted a Frigidaire Flair Range for sale on eBay. The range is located in Western Nebraska approx. 300 miles East of Denver. The eBay listing # 200394165327. I’m helping my Grandmother sale the range. She decided to remodel her kitchen. The range is in fantastic shape. It works great! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!

  113. Buko says:

    Well since nobody wanted the stove I had, I took it to the scrap yard and got $13 for it. Seems a shame but I just didn’t have the room to keep it around. I kept the oven doors and the top panel to make art work with.

  114. lisa says:

    We have a 1960 Frigidare flair- cutom imperial with the steel base cabinets in complete working order and we will give it away for free if you pick it up. We remodeled and it is in our garage- love the stove, was just too big for our new space!! We live in Poulsbo Washington.

  115. lbjay says:

    @Buko, you didn’t deserve to be a Flair owner. You’ve broken my heart.

  116. Buko says:

    Hey I didn’t ask for a Flair, It was in the house when I bought it in 1985. It must have been installed in the 50’s some time(that’s when the kitchen was remodeled). So it had a good run. When it finally died I couldn’t even give it away for parts, so $13 from the scrap yard seemed pretty attractive. It was a cool stove and quite the conversation piece, although I must admit the new 2008 stove has much better control and cooks & bakes fantastically. Had the Flair not died I would still be using it.

  117. Don H says:

    have a Model #RCI-645J remodeling the kitchen and not room for it, great old stove, all the burners work, and both ovens work, the rotiserie motor works but don’t have the rotiserie, clock works sometimes, and the timed outlet doesn’t work.
    Phoenix, AZ

  118. Vicki C says:

    I had one of these in a 1960’s house I bought. When the oven quit, I called the repairman. He said that the stoves had been recalled and parts no longer manufactered as they were a fire hazard. Evidently, they were built without a safety shut off. The burnerscan be pushed in and still be turned on, causing a fire hazard. Seems they had some serious fires before they were taken off the market. I loved the stove but with children in the house and no replacement thermostat, it had to go. Please be aware that the burners can be on when they are pushed in and use caution.

  119. Terri B says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Electric Range for sale. It is Custom Imperial Model RCIB 635. The color pink. Oven works great. 3 of 4 burners work. Clean. Good Condition. I have original owners manual. Asking $500.00 obo. I live in Dayton, OH. Please email me if interested.

  120. David says:

    I have one For sale $250 and with the pans too.
    Here is the ad

  121. lisa says:

    Which flair are you asking about? The one I have in Washington State-Poulsbo is still for sale. Lisa

  122. Gary in Olympia says:

    I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair electric range,
    Model #: RCIB 645-2.
    I need one (1) bottom oven element for the right (larger) oven, since ours has burned out.

    Have you encountered anyone who is selling parts from theirs instead of the whole big machine?

    My address is garyschuldt A T comcast D O T net

  123. Don H says:

    I have a Model #RCI-645J remodeling the kitchen and not room for it, great old stove, all the burners work, and both ovens work, the rotiserie motor works but don’t have the rotiserie, clock works sometimes, and the timed outlet doesn’t work.
    Phoenix, AZ

  124. Mary says:

    I have a Flair and am desperately trying to find out how to repair it; it was a big part of what sold me on the house, and 3 months after moving in the right-hand oven died. Looking at the tech manual I found at Obvious Diversion I’m reasonably certain it’s the RCIB-645; the 40 inch Custom Imperial with the double oven. Someone before me took the bottom element out of the left side, and now on Thanksgiving, when the turkey was about 10 degrees from done, the right hand oven went out completely. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with a simple fix? Could it be a fuse, or a wire that’s known to burn out? If I can’t find a way to fix it my landlady is going to tear it out and replace it with whatever she can find, so I’m really trying to find out how to fix it! If I’d been on here sooner, I live in Eau Claire and my manager visits Medford frequently (cry)

  125. Lisa says:

    Someone in Denver is selling parts of his 645. I can help you if you want. Lisa

    • Mary says:

      That would be wonderful. Do you have contact info for him? From what I can gather, it’s likely I need a new thermostat for the right-hand oven. Thank you!

    • Tim says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I noticed your comment on spare parts for the 645. I need the back (small) and front(large) burner on the right side. If you still have your contact in Denver please let me know. Thanks.

  126. NOEL DILLARD says:


  127. lisa says:


    I emailed the guy and he only has the small oven left- the left side. He wants $25.00 for the switch and the thermostat plus shipping. Lisa

    • Mary says:


      sadly, I don’t need the therm and switch for the left oven. It’s tempting to order them anyway, I’m sure I’ll need them someday, but if my landlady calls tomorrow and says she’s found a range and will be removing my Flair… Thank you for checking for me, anyway. If I can repair my oven I may get back in touch with you to see if he still has these, to keep on hand ^_^

  128. STEVE says:


  129. Lisa says:


    Someone in Dayton Ohio is selling the whole Flair for $150.00. Lisa

    • Gary in Olympia says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      I could use the switch and thermostat you mentioned! Can you let me know how to get in touch with the guy in Denver? I’m at garyronald at aol.


      • lisa says:

        He is on the frigidaire flair group and his email is Lisa

      • Gary in Olympia says:

        Hi, Lisa,

        From my AOL account I tried sending an email to the person in Denver and got this response:

        beeeeemac1 – This is not a known member.

        I tried taking successive “e”s out but still got the same message. Maybe you could check that email address for me?



      • Gary in Olympia says:


        I did manage to reach him, but the control I needed is already sold. But thank you for your help.


  130. Lisa says:

    Gary, here it is. I also emailed him for you. Lisa

  131. Kimberly says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair for sale in Indiana. Everything works…I am using it until sold. Both ovens work…all of the original papers and even the roaster that came with it is in the bottom. I am in central western Indiana. I can not ship it. Please let me know if anyone is interested. I can try to get some pics…We used it over Thanksgiving (just moved in the house the weekend before)….all burners and both ovens work, all knobs are there…the cabinet is on the bottom….My kitchen just doesn’t have room for it.

  132. DW says:

    I have an Imperial Range oven combo. It was made in the late 50’s or early 60’s. This combo has a retractable range with a right and a left oven. My range is stuck in the out position. Can anyone help me find part for this type of unit. I can get model and serial numbers if needed. Is there a location or place that has parts for such an old item?

    Thanks in advance

    • Gary in Olympia says:


      First, when I’ve had this problem (fairly frequently), I’ve just tightened the screws that hold the bottom “tray” on the sliding unit. Get underneath it while it’s in the “out” position and the screws along the front edge will be visible. Or their holes will be if they’ve fallen out.

      (I’m sure you’ve checked this out already anyway.)

      Second, I don’t think there’s a central place where you can find parts for this appliance. I’ve had to use the web to locate people who were selling parts from used ones. There is a Frigidaire Flair | Google Group at where you might have some luck.


  133. J. Berger says:

    I am trying to sell a Frigidaire flair. It has been sitting in my garage for months. The people I bought my house from used this everyday. It doesn’t have the base though, they had it on some cabinets. I would love to sell it for $150. I live in the Los Angeles, CA area and someone would need to pick it up. Thanks!

  134. Nan Douglas says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the bake element for a Flair Custom Imperial model # RCIB 645-2. Husband threatening to throw the whole thing out and buy a new stove. The element needed is for the right (large) side oven.

  135. Henry Andrew says:

    I have a 60s model deluxe Flair range in excellant condition. It is still in use in my kitchen. Everything works. I would like to sell so I can put in a gas range, but this in such good condition, I don’t want to just dispose of it so price is open. This is the 40 inch Imperial. We are in southern Ohio namely Cincinnati, Henry

  136. Heather says:

    I am helping our grandmother sell her Pink Deluxe Frigidaire Flair. It is model #6560105; serial #69FD614. It is in very good condition and works great, even have the original owners manual. It does have the base cabinet. It is located in Kansas and although we would prefer it to be picked up, I would consider having it shipped as well. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will get you some pictures of it. We aren’t sure of what it is worth so how about $400 or best offer? Thanks
    Heather @

    • Beverly Maxfield says:

      Just wondering Heather if you still have the Pink Deluxe Frigidare Flair . I would love to purchase it if some shipping arrangements can be made. I am in Largo, Florida
      Thank you
      Bev Maxfield

  137. pat says:

    were do u find parts for this reilck

  138. Ryan says:

    62 Custom Imperial (green) ready to go! Located in Oneonta, NY. Asking 600, OBO.

  139. Alberta Pace says:

    This article is in reality the greatest on this worthy topic. I agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great clarity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your website promotion!

  140. Douglas Smith says:

    I have for sale a Flair model RCIB-645 with base cabinet and owner’s manual. The two ovens and three of the burners work fine. The left front burner works sometimes but is unreliable. It is currently located in my garage in Greece, NY, near Rochester, NY. I am asking $350 and you arrange and pay for shipping.

    It is listed on Craigslist:

  141. Mike says:

    I’d love to find a home for my Frigidaire Flair Deluxe, model RBGB-330, serial # 49C06981 P. It has worked fine all these years. It’s very used – needs a good de-greasing cleaning. I’m in Livermore, CA. I’ll consider shipping since it seems like there’s info in the above posts on people doing so. Since it needs cleaning, I’ll throw out a suggested price of $100.

  142. A friend urged me to check out this website, great post, fascinating read… keep up the nice work!

  143. Douglas Smith says:

    The Flair RCIB-645 that I listed above on Feb. 2, 2010 sold today. Thank you for allowing me to post it here.

    Douglas Smith

  144. Tracy Walker says:

    Does anyone have a Fridgedaire Flaire Deluxe model in good working condition? Please e-mail me. I live in Missouri. Thanks Tracy

  145. Tracy Walker says:

    I forgot to add my e-mail

  146. Doyle says:

    I am happy I found your site on reddit. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my wife were just preparing to do some research about this. I am happy to see such good info being shared for free out there.
    Best Regards,
    Aditya from Overland Park city

  147. Henry Andrew says:

    have above described flair range for sale. It is in excellant condition all parts work. We use it every day. We are in Cincinnati, Ohio. Will discuss price, but shipping is on you Marilyb

  148. Henry Andrew says:

    Forgot that e-mail addres has to be added extra.

  149. Anisha says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial double oven with vent hood and electric cooktop. The previous owners used it and I just remodeled my house to fit in my existing appliances. I live in Monterey California. If interested in making an offer pls reply.

  150. chandra says:

    I have a 1960’s custom imperial frigidaire flair in good condition works perfect. all original knobs and handles. please buy nust go call 918=955-7245 (tulsa, ok) or e-mail with offers thank you!

  151. Lisa Barragan says:

    How many of these frididaires are there? I inherited the one my mother had when I was a child. Am considering selling it as I have now where to use. I will be happy to entertain prices. I am in North Cal

  152. Mark says:

    I have a 50’s or early 60’s Frigidaire Custom imperial stove with double oven for sale .. One burner does not work.. Looks great! Located in Mercer PA.. Asking $500 or best offer.. You pay to ship or pickup..

  153. Kevin Cox says:

    ihave a 1961 Frigidaire custom imperial double oven stove for sale in middle Tn. It was in the same spot since new in my parents house. It’s not the Flair, but shares many of the same parts as the flair. Everything works on it including the lights. It has a few nicks in the copper finish, but nothing dented. My father had replaced the elements about 10 yrs ago, so i’m sure they still have plenty of life left. I am hoping to see it go to a good home, but if it ends up getting used for parts, at least i know it will help somebody keep theirs. i am asking 125.00 and i can arrange for it to be picked up at a loading dock. Buyer pays for shipping. Pics available upon request. This stove is in really nice shape and is in my opinion, a Cadillac of stoves.

  154. Rachel Babitz says:

    I have a Frigidaire 30 Custom Delux double oven electric range that is a General Motors product. I have had it since 1972 and I just love it! The model # RCDE637VS. I would like to get some newer burners , knobs and pans for it. If any of you kind people have some of these parts that you would like to sell to me with in reason, I would so much appreciate it. I live in Deland Florida. I just love this old stove. It is a bonnet stove that has the second oven on the top plus it has an air circulator above the top oven. Thank you much. Rachel

  155. Kete P, says says:

    I have a frigigaire 30 custom deluxe that was used very little and i was told it worked great. asking $350 the stove looks like it is in fantasic shape,the buyer pays for shipping. I am in safford az

  156. Kete P, says says:

    for got email.

  157. Rachel Babitz says:

    Hi Kete, Can you share some pictures of this stove with me and have you tested it to see that all systems go! And do you have any idea as to what it would cost to ship to Deland Florida 32720? Thank you and have a nice day

  158. Kevin O'Rourke says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial 30″ Range.

    The Model Number is RCIB-635. This was the very first year for the Flair model.

    Everything works and it seems to be in very good condition considering it was

    manufactured a half century ago. For photos and price, contact me at

    I live in Nebraska.

  159. Johnsons says:

    I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial for sale with double ovens, rotissarie, thermometer, etc. in great condition. The only problem is that 1 of the burners does not work. The stove is in central oregon.

  160. Rebecca Wright says:

    I am looking for a Frigidaire Flair in good condition – double ovens. I live in Florida. If you have one you are willing to sell (and have shipped) – please email me with pictures and price. Thanks

  161. Don H says:

    I have a Model #RCI-645J remodeling the kitchen and not room for it, great old stove, all the burners work, and both ovens work, the rotiserie motor works but don’t have the rotiserie, clock works sometimes, and the timed outlet doesn’t work.
    Phoenix, AZ
    You would need to arrange for pick up and shipping.

  162. Michelle says:

    I am interested in purchasing one of the Frigidaire Flair custom imperial double oven stoves, I am in N.C. would prefer white, but would be interested in any color, must be in working order. Thank you !

    • Jim Houlihan says:

      We have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair model. It is white and in pretty good condition (on a scale of 1 to 10 its a 7.5 to 8). The left rear bigger burner does not work (never checked it out really) and the clock may not work. We live just north of Detroit in Clarkston MI. We are considering putting it on Craig’s list–we have a new stove coming soon. We will look at reasonable offer–you handle shipping etc.


  163. Don H says:

    I have a Model #RCI-645J remodeling the kitchen and not room for it, great old stove, all the burners work, and both ovens work, the rotiserie motor works but don’t have the rotiserie, clock works sometimes, and the timed outlet doesn’t work.
    Phoenix, AZ
    You would need to arrange for pick up and shipping.


  164. caleb says:

    I have a Model #rci-645vn im in nc it looks new and every thing works great ready to be used asking $900.00. Vn means its got a built in vent. thanks

  165. Inge Hilberg says:

    Am in central NH. Have a 1960s white double oven Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair Model #RCIB-645. Burners and lights OK, oven problems: no broiler in right, no temp regulator in left. All dials, cabinet in good shape. Can send photos. B/O.

  166. Mike K says:

    I have a brown base cabinet for a 40 in Flair Custom Imperial, in very good shape. I would be happy to email pictures to those interested.

    12FD 0082, 6560106 on manufacturers tag.

  167. Bob Weil says:

    I have a Flair Custom Imperial (same as that noted above), without the base cabinet. In very nice condition – clearly used to bake pastries rather than cooking meat – NO drippings/discoloration whatsoever. All elements and the oven/heater work.

    I am located in Southern California. Would be great for a local buyer, or will ship at additional cost.

    $350 + shipping.

  168. Victoria W. says:


    I am in California and looking for a 60’s Frigidaire Custom Imperial Stove-Range
    in decent condition. I have a truck and can pick it up.

  169. julia kayes says:

    I have a custom deluxe flair, everything works great except the 2 right burners,it is brown and has the under cabinet. I am asking $300.00 and you arrange for pick-up or delivery.I bought the house it came in and would like a smaller stove. send me your e-mail and I will send pictures.

    • juliakayes says:

      This stove is located in West Texas,I haven’t had a chance to look at the wiring on the burners yet but we believe that would be the problem. I will consider 250.00 OBO.

      • julia says:

        I have just recently found out that my stove’s right oven is not working also. the stove is located at White River Lake in Texas and I am asking 150.00 since the oven does not work, or best offer. I am not sure if it is the wiring or not because I have not checked into it as of yet.

  170. LaDonna Juarez says:

    I’m looking for a 30 inch model to replace one that had it’s own niche built in the kitchen of the home I have. Nothing else will do. I live in the northern Texas panhandle but would drive 200 miles in any direction. I actually bought one on ebay but the seller refunded my money because shipping from Arizona was going to be more than the purchase price of the flair, a lot more. Would love to have one in great working condition. I know they are out there…somewhere. I have a base so that isn’t a problem. Looking desperately for a flair…

    • LaDonna Juarez says:

      Update to above post: Looking for one anywhere…will pay shipping. After researching the cost of kitchen remodel it will be worth the shipping charges to just find a replacement for mine.

  171. michele martin says:


    I am in Boston and I have the same Flair as is pictured on this site:

    Mine is also without base cabinet. As of it’s removal 3 years ago, this stove worked perfectly minus some glitches with the “speed” burner. A common flaw I have heard. The white paint job will require some tlc as it was scuffed up during the removal.

    I can NOT deliver, however I may be able to help arrange delivery service or shipping for additional costs. It is very heavy and currently sitting in my living room (?!!!!!) on a metal cart. Will entertain ALL reasonable and fair offers.


  172. Vic says:

    I have a 1963 Frigidaire Flair just like the one in the picture on the top of the page for sale. It is in great condition. It is located in North Hollywood, CA. If anyone is interested I will take the best offer for it. Pictures available E-mail is if you are interested, Thanks.

  173. Dawn says:

    I have a 1966 30 inch Single Oven Custom Deluxe Frigidaire Flair model number RCI635K in excellent condition. Everything work’s with overhead vent and bottom base.I have picture’s Asking best offer. It is located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island E-mail me at if interested

  174. Ricca says:

    I am interested in purchasing a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Model RCI-645J, if you have one please email me. Located in North/Central Texas but will arrange shipping or pick up.

    Thank you!

    • Don H says:

      Rica, did you find a stove, I have one for sale. If you are interested I can send you pictures of it.
      Don Hunt
      Phoenix, AZ

    • Charla Cook says:

      To Ricca,

      I am in the panhandle of Texas. We have a Fridgedaire Flair just like the one at the top of this page. The big burner on the front needs new wires. Would you happen to know where I might could find the burner and wires?

    • Nick D says:

      Have you found the stove you are looking for? I have one. It is listed on this page. In good shape. One burner works occasionally and the clock does not work. I have yet to dig in and try to fix these. I can send you pictures if you would like to see what the stove looks like. Looks like the one at the top of this page.

  175. Don H says:

    I have a Model #RCI-645J remodeling the kitchen and not room for it, great old stove, all the burners work, and both ovens work, the rotiserie motor works but don’t have the rotiserie, clock works sometimes, and the timed outlet doesn’t work.
    Phoenix, AZ
    You would need to arrange for pick up and shipping.


  176. I have a 50’s custom imperial all parts was working last time used sat in garage for 10 years or so , good for parts or reto refinsh for use $500.00

  177. Nick D says:

    I have a 60’s Fridgidaire Custom Imperial Flair that I am looking to sell. I live in Quincy, IL. You would have to arrange pickup. It has the fan above and sits on the white double door stand. It has the two ovens and four burners, of which the left rear burner works occasionally. The clock does not work. It is in beautiful condition and comes with the original manual. I am asking $450.

  178. John S says:

    I just bought a house made in 1963. It has a imperial flair stove/oven that I am going to remove when I remodel. The owner says it works. Anyone interested, please email me. I am in the Colville Washington area and can deliver to the Spokane to Pullman Washington area. Thanks.

    • Tim says:

      Hi John,
      I have a RCIB-645-2 40″ range that needs two burners. In lieu of being able to find the burners I would be interested in yours if it is a 40″ unit in current working condition.
      Please let me know. I live in Nelson BC and could pick up.

  179. Erica says:

    We have a Frigidaire Flair Electric Range model RCIH-645 in excellent working condition. We are locate in Utah and would like to arrange local pickup. Will consider all resonable offers. The timer and clock do not work, but everything else does. Original owner’s manual included.

  180. jack says:

    have fride flair let me know of any interest

  181. Dennis Chenoweth says:

    I have an Imperial Custom in working order except for the clock/timer- all burners and both ovens work great. 200.00 pick-up only (unless you pay shipping) Jackson, MI.

  182. flair1964 says:

    I have a 1964 Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair RCIH-645 for sale. It has 4 burner pull out cooktop, Double oven unit, Attached vent hood, Metal Base Storage cabinet with pull out shelves. It is in great condition and a beautiful turquoise color. A few things don’t work (clock, speed heat burner does not work). The stove must be picked up. I will not attempt to ship it. Asking $450 in Michigan. Email if interested for pics

  183. Marilyn Andrew says:

    have Flair in excellant condition. Everything works and all parts are there. We are remodeling kitchen and would like to have someone take the Flair. Otherwise it will be junked and that is sad. You can buy for na inexpensive price and pay for shipping. We are in southenr Ohio. Let me know. Marilyn

    • Carol says:

      I’m wondering what the status is of your Frigidaire Flair stove. I have one also and love it, but it may be dying. Please email at cf(dot)other(at)comcast(dot)net. Thanks.

  184. Krista says:

    We have a beautiful working Flair for sale in Lancaster County PA. If you are interested and would like photos please feel free to email me at

  185. razzor says:

    I am interested in getting a flare like the one on Bewicthed. I would like to get it around the holidays. can anyone help me? thanks.

    • Don H says:

      I have a model RCI-645J in good working order, the only things that don’t work is the clock and the timed outlet. We remodeled the kitchen and just don’t need it any longer. I am located in Phoenix, AZ

    • Nick D says:

      I have one as well. Located in Western Illinois. Clock does not work, nor does the speed heat burner. It is in very good shape cosmetically. Not sure previous owners used it much at all.

  186. Vicki says:

    I have a 1962 Flair in great condition (in the Seattle area). Everything works (including the original lights) except one burner (but I was able to find the part on eBay). We need to get rid of ours so make us an offer! I have photos too. It’s in really nice condition.

  187. Mike says:

    I have a Custom Imperial RCIB-635 with manual for sale in Stow, Ohio. Fairly good condition, only the clock does not work.
    Please email

  188. brent says:

    I have a doube oven Flair, one burner doesn’t work, other than that both ovens and all three other burners work great. I’m located in Toronto Canada, if someone is interested, I’d be willing to sell it

  189. Tony says:

    I have a 1962 Flair single oven with cabinet bottom in great condition (in the Yakima, Washington area). Came with our home and we do not have a use for it. The previous owner said it worked. We need to get rid of it so make offer! I have photos too.

  190. Matt says:

    My wife and I have a Flair oven and the back left burner does not work nor does the right oven. We are getting a new oven thats covered under our home warranty and was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing this oven. The left side of the oven still works and so do the three burners. I am located in Tallmadge, OH. Please let me know if anyone would like this. I am not sure what to ask for this so if anyone has any suggestions please offer them. Its in average looking condition.

    • Earl Sharp says:

      The complete unit is difficult to sell because of weight (about 300 lbs) and shipping costs.

      However, you can sell parts off the stove. There is a ready market for the parts because most have been discontinued.

      For instance, I need a bake element for the small oven and would greatly appreciate it if you would sell the element from your stove to me. Its easy to remove. Simply grab the element and pull straight outward. It will unplug. Its just like plugging a lamp into a wall outlet.

      I will also gladly cover shipping or postal costs.

      Earl Sharp
      Accokeek, MD

    • jenkalee says:

      The commentor below suggested selling for parts. I am also in need of the right oven door. Since yours doesn’t work maybe you’d be interested in selling the glass door! I can’t seem to part with mine. Right now the insulation’s gone, the rubber seal, and all the screws. The glass on the inside is held in with paper clips. I’d also pay for shipping etc. My e-mail is’m desperate!

  191. Scott says:

    We have a light green Custom Imperial Frigidaire Flair (Model # RCIB-645-2, 40″ wide) that we would like to sell. All of the burner units are working, though there does not appear to be the sensing unit on the heat minder burner. Both ovens work and maintain temperature well. All controls including the clock function.

    Asking $400 or best offer.

    Please email for more information. The unit is located in south-central Nebraska. The buyer would be responsible for any shipping.

  192. LaDonna Juarez says:

    In the Texas Panhandle near Amarillo, still looking for a 30 inch in good condition. I have one that needs a long shaft thermostat and knobs. Can’t find the thermostat anywhere. I have looked on ebay for months. Getting desperate. My flair is built in. Trying to avoid costly remodel. Please contact:

  193. Tom Garcia says:

    Does anybody have an installation guide for the Cookmaster Dexlux Flare? The folks have one mounted in an island connected to fireplace. Access is not easy. Just looking for a manual for tips, etc before starting the job. My email is Thanks to any and all

  194. Aida B. H. says:

    We have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Model No. 6560106 ( not sure but we believe the Serial No. is 16FO 0864) that we need to sell. Burners work, ovens work, it is functional, and we have been using it up to now, but we are remodeling our kitchen and it has to go. If anyone is interested, please contact us at
    We are in Southern California. Thanks!

  195. Scott Mosier says:

    I have a Custom Imperial Flair that I need to sell soon. I just took it out of a home that I’m in the middle remodeling. Homeowner said that everything works on it but I didn’t test it myself. Stove appears to be in good shape. Chrome and stainless .is shiny,everything is there besides the trim piece on the exhaust cover. This is the 40″ wide unit without the base. I am located in the U.P. of Michigan and will be willing to drive and meet or, if I have to ship that is possible too. If you are interested in making an offer, you can e-mail me at mosier_scott@hotmail and I can send you more info and pics. Thanks

  196. B.LAWRENCE says:


  197. Winston says:

    Anyone got one of these for sale in The Atlanta, Ga area, that works good cosmetics are fine, or within 4 hrs? Thanks

  198. Rick W says:

    I have two Frigidaire Flair surface elements for sale: one is a 6″ burner, part #6590804 and the other is an 8″ burner, part #6590805. Both are still in the wrapper. Asking $110.00 ea.

  199. Sharon Somers says:

    I am looking for a fridgaire stove back in the 60.s RCH 645-2.

  200. George M. says:

    We have a Flair Custom Imperial double-oven model RCIB-645, well loved but with only two working burners (rear left “Infinite Heat” and right front “Heat Minder”) and one working oven and broiler (the smaller one, on the left). It’s white, includes the base cabinet, and it’s topped with a working pull-out fan/cooktop light unit (with a “Nautilus” nameplate exactly like the one in the photo at the top of this page). We have the original manual for it, with a 1961 copyright, so I assume the Flair is about the same age. It came with our house and we’ve used it since we moved here in 1986 — about half its life, that is.

    We don’t want to part with it, but after 24 years we’ve decided we really want a working stove, so we will consider any reasonable offer for it that does not require us to figure out how to move it! Buyer must pick up or arrange shipping from suburban Boston.

    • Karah says:

      Hi George, I may be interested in your Flair oven. We are local so pickup would be no problem. Please contact me at karahlogan(at) <<replace "(at)" with @

  201. Paula R. says:

    I have a much loved custom deluxe stove (1964 model, I think). Coppertone color, single oven door. Tonight my husband went to start the stove and heard a POP along with seeing a flash of light. I assume that means it is dead… 😥
    Any suggestions what to do with it?

    • K says:

      Sorry, don’t have an answer but hoping someone else knows as I have a similar problem. Our Frigidaire Imperial double wall oven RBB-99 did the same thing when we opened the door. Electrician said the “wires burnt out” but he was a young fella who had never seen an older oven, so not sure if that is really the case or not.
      If anyone knows what might have happened, or anyone in southern NH (or southern Maine or Northeast Mass. for that matter) or is knowledgeable about repairs would love a reference! Otherwise willing to take offers for parts if anyone is interested, we’ll be looking for a fully working vintage oven or range to replace our beloved Frigidaire, within a 2+ hr drive….

  202. Mick K says:

    I have a Custom Imperial Flair for sell, Model RCIB 645 2, size 40W x 25D (37D) x 62H. All works well but the left rear burner. I Will sell for $500; buyer pays shipping. Location — Southern Ohio

    • Mick K says:

      Oophs…The burner that doesn’t work is the left front burner. (I believe it’s a simple repair). The stove is brilliant white.

  203. Mike Schlayer says:

    I have a Custom Imperial RCIB-635 for sale in Stow, OH. Includes original manual.
    Everything works except the clock.
    Please email to


  204. joseph says:

    i have a 645-2 flair for sale in florida,one burner working only. anwser to pop on the stove was the burner shorted out.check burner for meltdown spot.

  205. Rick Wintermute says:

    I thought I had 2 bad burners on my Flair RCIB-645, so ordered replacements. During removal of the old ones I discovered there was just a broken connection on both. I have now have 2 new rear elements-1-6″, 1-8″ for sale. Cost me about $130.00 each. Asking $200.00 for both. I’ll pay the shipping, too.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Rick

      I am interested to buy your burners. I need the back (6 in.) and front (8 in.) burners on the right side of my RCIB-645-2. Please let me know if they are still for sale.

    • rick says:

      hey Rick…where did you find the parts????????
      columbia sc do you still have the burners?

  206. Hello,

    I am in Boston and I still this Flair! It is the same as is pictured on this site:

    Mine is also without base cabinet. As of it’s removal 4 years ago, this stove worked perfectly minus some glitches with the “speed” burner. A common flaw I have heard. The white paint job will require some tlc as it was scuffed up during the removal.

    I can NOT deliver, however I may be able to help arrange delivery service or shipping for additional costs. It is very heavy and currently sitting in the living room of my former condo… on a metal cart. Will entertain ALL reasonable and fair offers.


  207. Donna says:

    I have a stove exactly like this one in very good condition if any one is interested. email for pics it additional information. Located in Hagerstown, Md

  208. Ricca says:

    I am still looking for a Flair in North Texas if anyone has any leads, we have been without a working unit for 2 months, getting hungry! 🙂

    • Don H says:

      I have one in Phoenix AZ
      if interested contact me a

    • Charla Cook says:

      I live in the Panhandle of Texas and have a RClB 645-2 that looks similar to the stove above. I am not sure what year it was made. It was in the house when we bought it. It’s a 40 Impereal Fridgidair Flair. There was no manual with it. Everything works except the right front burner. Looks like it needs new wiring. If you think you would be interested contact me and we can get pictures of it to send in email.


    • Charla cook says:

      Ricca, sorry, I failed to say my Frigidaire Flair is the double oven on top, pull out drawer with burners and storage base. It is great looking, white. Only one front right burner doesn’t work. Everything else works. Located in the panhandle of Texas on I 27.

  209. Matt says:

    I have a brown one with the base cabinet available if anyone is interested. I am located in Columbus, OH. The clock is the only thing that doesn’t work. Is has a single oven on top. I am asking $400 or best offer. Please e-mail me at if interested.

    Thanks for looking.


  210. Deb says:

    I also have a 1964 Frigidaire Flair Imperial Model # RCIH-635-White for sale. This style has the pull out drawer with four burners, one over on top and storage below.
    Everything worked great the last time we used it which was about 2 years ago. It does have one burner that cooks quite hot. ( We always called that one the nuck burner).
    Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to see some pictures.

  211. Georgia says:

    I have a Flair that sits on a brown storage base, double oven and 4 burners that work. I still use it – works great. The light bar is missing but all else works. Located in San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles, CA. Please contact me if you would like to see pictures.

  212. Robin says:


    I am looking for anyone who can help me look for a thermostate for my mother’s Flaire stove. The number on the stove is RCIB645. It looks exactally like the one you sold. If you have any information or someone I can get parts for it, I’d really would appreciate it.
    Robin from Oshkosh Wisconsin

  213. Jesse Embry says:

    I have a 1962 Flair for sale on a brown base with a double oven, 4 burners that work. Lights and clock work. Looks great!!! I’m in Shreveport, Louisiana. You can email me at


  214. Madonna says:

    Good morning, I am desperately seeking the frigidaire flair in good to excellent condition. If anyone has one they are interested in selling I would be more than happy to hear about it.

  215. Dawn Brown says:

    We have a Custom Imperial Model RCIB-645-2 white in good/great condition. We live about 40 miles west of Chicago. If interested please email me at

  216. Rachel Babitz says:

    I am looking for a Frigidaire 30″ Custom Delux double oven electric range model
    #RCDE 637VS. Or I will consider four burners 2 large and two small that will fit
    my range! I live in Deland Florida I can be reached by email at: Thank you

  217. jenkalee says:

    I have a Custom Imperial, 40″ with the double ovens. I’m looking for the glass oven door for the right side, large oven. If anyone has this part to sell, please contact me @ I will also pay s&h unless I can pick it up. I’m in NW Indiana.

  218. norma woodman says:

    I have a 30″ Flair complete with manuals, service records, all working except the
    broiler element.Have just remodeled, and cannot bear to junk this beautiful stove.
    Serviceman junked the element so i do not have a pattern. Everything else in A-1
    condition. Wisconsin location. njwdmn13@

  219. WCG says:

    Hello. We’re clearing out an estate that has a pristine 30″ Frigidaire FLAIR one door oven/range with cabinet underneath. Model number is RCD-630K. It is in beautiful, almost like new condition. Both oven elements work, both lights work, clock works (!), all four burners work. We have some original paperwork that goes with it. Asking $395. Location is near Knoxville TN in Maryville TN. I have pictures if anybody is interested. Email is Retro, mod, mid-century at it’s best.

  220. Matt says:

    I have a custom deluxe flair 1960 or 61. Excellent condition, everything does work. Also have base, and pictures if wanted. Asking $ 1000.00 Or Best Offer. email is I live in Michigan

  221. Linda says:

    My mother has a fully working deluxe flair from 1961 in excellent comndition and evertything works. She lives in Duluth Minnesota. She also has the base and is hoping to get a high price and a fair price for this stove. Somewhere between $500- $750. plus shipping. Please contact me a for more information. Thank you.

  222. Jayme says:

    I also have a frigidaire flair in great condition that im wanting to sell. I have pictures if anyone is interested, email me and ill send some pics. Everything is working though the light bulb needs replacing and the knob for the light. It is a single stove with 4 burners. Was greatly enjoyed. Email at if any questions!!!!

  223. Wendy says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair oven/range for sale. 40″ double oven. All parts working. Western MA. $500 or B.O. Contact me @

  224. Wally Schwarz says:

    We have a brown Frigidaire Flair stove. It’s the 40″ model, with dual ovens.

    If anyone wants it, it is FREE. You simply have to pick it up from Eureka, CA.

    The unit works. One front burner needs to be replaced. The oven needs to be calibrated. And the exhaust fan does not work.

    It has been used by my mother in law from the 1960’s until about 7 years ago when he died. Now that we have taken ownership of the house, we need a gas stove.

    So if you want the stove, whether for parts or to use as it, you need to act quickly.

    If we don’t get any one wanting it, we will take it to the dump for scrap metal.

  225. Wally Schwarz says:

    You can see the photos at:

  226. Jessica Karp says:


    I’m located in Atlanta, GA and am looking for a Frigidaire Flair. If you’re within a reasonable driving distance please feel free to email me at: I am also looking for other equally fabulous appliances – Fridge and/or dishwasher.


  227. Wally Schwarz says:

    The Flair is now gone. Thanks!

  228. heather says:

    I have a Flair in the house I am buying and would like to sell it. it is in great conditon and everything works on it i am not sure of the Md # is but if anyone is intrested in it ill send pic you can email me @ and i guess it came in different colors this one is white..

    • heather says:

      By the way we live in upsate New York

    • Sharon says:

      I am interested in it for my neighbor who is in her 70’s. She is literally crying she may have to let hers go. Shes a great cook and has had her stove for over 40 years. Very used to it. Does not want any other stove. You know how that is? Please let me know if you still have it.

  229. kathyw says:

    Ok Here is the deal….We just moved into a 60s ranch a week ago we will be remodling I have a pristine Flair seriously the insides looke like it was never used(outside shows a bit of age) everything works except clock. No stand, pull out cooktops, all manuals come with it including a thermometer that connects to the inside oven(Meat?). I have no idea what it is worth(I will be doing my research). We are in the Raleigh area. Any takers??

    • alphons smit says:

      Hello…I read your approach and, sure, I am interested to hear your price and to see a few fotos plus the approximate weight and dimensions of the unit. The latter to obtain a shipping quote for transportation to Los Angeles.
      My mail is:

    • Clara says:

      Hi. I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial double oven Model RCIB-645. It worked well until this year and needs a new thermostat in the right oven and a new element in the left. It fits into a specially built brick area of the kitchen, and I would be willing to buy a replacement for the entire oven if I can afford it and it is the same model. I live in Virginia and could drive to Raleigh to pick it up. I’d like to just buy a thermostat, but am not having luck yet with that. You may email me at

    • Sharon says:

      I am interested in your stove. Its for an elderly neighbor of mine who is in tears that she may have to get a new stove. Literally tears. She is a wonderful baker and cook and is in her 70’s. She is sick over this. Please if anyone knows of someone that has the flair at a decent price I am sure she would be interested. Or if anyone knows who works on these that would be great also. Thanks

      Worried about my neighbor


    • Jenny A says:

      Kathyw – Do you still have this Flair for sale. If so, please e-mail pictures.

  230. caleb says:

    Im looking for some frigidaire flairs in nc if anybody has one for sale my email is

  231. Cyndi says:

    Frigidaire Flair with double ovens (no attached hood) available for your cooking pleasure from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It all works except for the clock, although one of the small burners is temperamental. We have cooked on the stove and in the oven of the Flair for the last three years since we purchased our home, but my husband (a professional chef) is ready for a gas cooktop, so it is time we part ways with the Flair.

  232. Ries says:

    I am remodeling and will part with my Flair Electric Range, model #RCDB 630. Love the oven, but 2 or the 4 burners are not working. In great shape including the owner’s manual! Who wants to give this Minnesota range a new home? Best Offer.

  233. Chris Darcy says:

    I have a 1960’s Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair available for sale also. It is in great shape and worked when I removed it from a friend’s farmhouse. I unfortunately do not have 220 close enough to test it now and as you all know it is very heavy. All the knobs are there as well as the original wiring diagram page. I am located north of Denver, CO and will be happy to ship it (at the buyer’s expense). It is model # RCIB-645. Please email me at and I can send you pictures. Thanks!

  234. Linda says:

    We have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe Range for sale, model RCDB630. $150 OBO
    YOU SHIP or PICK UP – from Clarksville, Maryland. Works, although oven temp is unreliable. Otherwise, in great shape. Owned by 1 person.

  235. caleb says:

    Can you send some pictures of the stove in maryland I will buy it I can pic up next week.

  236. caleb says:

    My email is I would like to see some pictures of the stove in maryland.

  237. Jackie says:

    My son has an Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair Stove that he is looking to sell. It is listed on ebay for $500 but he is also taking offers on it.

  238. caleb says:

    Linda you still have the frigidaire flaire for sale? My email is

  239. Jim Stoa says:

    We have 1960 Flair for sale in excellent condition.

  240. carlene says:

    The Frigidaire Flair was the first range we owned. Bought it in 1963- We had a tiny kitchen and it was just what we needed. Loved it. It gave me more than enough cooking space and the double ovens were a plus. Storage under the range top provided space for pots & pans. Really enjoyed cooking on that stove.
    If anyone out there has one–you are lucky!!!!!

  241. julia kayes says:

    I had just bought a camp and it has a double oven, storage on the bottom and 2 right burners are not working, it is brown, it really is a cool stove but I would really love to have a smaller stove, If anyone is interested I will sell for 200.oo you must take care of the moving it or shipping it. The stove is located in Lubbock Texas area. Thanks Julia

  242. Kathy Dobos says:

    I have a 1960’s Crown Imperial Flair Stove for sale. It is white with the double oven, 40″ wide with 4 burners and storage below. It is in beautiful condition and everything works except the clock. I love this stove but it won’t fit into our new kitchen design. We live in Pittsburgh, PA. I am asking $500.00. If you are interested contact me at

  243. Linda says:

    Anyone interested in a 1962 Flair range? Custom Deluxe model RCDB630. Ready for sale and pickup in Clarksville, Maryland.
    kitchen remodeled. a few knobs missing; works well. $150 firm.

  244. Jerry Long says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Model RCIB-645 that I am interested in selling. Just completed remodeling and need to part with this love. I have the origninal owners manual. My understanding is that it was purchased about 1960.

    Anyone know where I can post this item?

    • Linda says:

      Let me know if you found another posting site. I have a Flair RGB130.

    • Holly Beck says:

      My great grandma has this same stove original to her home. The bottom burner to the smaller oven just went out and we are looking for the part in time for Thanksgiving. Would you consider selling that part? Please contact me at My name is Holly. Thank you!

  245. Jerry Long says:

    I have one for sale from a recient remodel. I am located in western Pa.

  246. Linda says:

    I have one for sale from a recent remodel also – I’m in Silver Spring, MD

  247. Brynn says:

    Have a Flair for sale, great condition and have original owners manual, please email if interested and will send pics. Located in Salt Lake City UT.

  248. Ben and Corrine Zuchowski says:

    Here’s Exactly what I have………

    General motors Corperation
    Made in Dayton 1, ohio
    Fridgeair Division
    Serial Number 52FD 984
    Model Number 6560106

    A custom Imperial Fridgidire style, made by General Motors. Fully Functional and in mint condition. Looking to sell wicked cheap, just make an offer. Here is my cell, and I’ll post some pics when I have a chance.

    If interested you can call 1-603-488-1210

  249. I have a frigidaire Flair Model # RCDB-640-1, looking for parts. Especially the burners.

  250. Tina Redmond says:

    I am in WA and have one of these stoves everything but the clock works and I believe I have a replacement I would have to look. It would come with al working burners and replacement burners, extra doors and more spare parts. I also have the original book that came with it. It was bought new for my Aunt at the Seattle worlds fair and my Uncle later picked up a second for spare parts. I bought it from her estate after her passing a few years back but recently moved and no longer have a place for it. If your interested let me know

    • Heather D'Amore says:

      I live in Columbia,MD.
      This is the stove my Grandmother used to have, when I was a little one.
      I am very interested.
      If anyone reading this has a double oven version in good working shape, please let me know!

  251. Jerry Long says:

    Sorry the whole unit is for sale. If I sell off parts the entire ranges loses value.

  252. Zula says:

    I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair double oven. Can anyone tell me where I can find a serial number and a heating element for the smaller oven? Thanks.

  253. Angie says:

    Hello, I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair Single Oven in Good Condition. Please email me if interested; I can also send some pics. I live in the Cleveland/Akron Ohio area. Thanks.

  254. Brian says:

    My wife and I have a Frigidaire Flair that we are looking to sell. We are located in Phoenix, AZ if anyone is interested.

  255. Randy Tate says:

    I have a Flair in a rent house. Everything works. Not sure of the age, but all looks very similar to the picture above. New renters had their own so it is in the garage and I do not want it to go to waste. Interested contact me at It is located in Lubbock Texas.

  256. Randy Tate says:

    I have one in Lubbock Texas. The Flair works well with nothing not working. It is Lubbock Texas. Please contact me at

  257. Charla says:

    I just purchased my coppertone 40′ Flair. Just wondering if anyone has the matching vent hood? Or if they ever do come up? Thanks.

  258. Mike Stefanski says:

    I have 3 stoves that are working and one that I use for parts. I live in Lexington ,Ky. I also own the stove that is on the website page. You can email me at stargaazor@aol if you are interested in purchasing one.

    • Mick says:

      I have a Custom Imperial Flair for sell, Model RCIB 645 2 (size 40W x 25D x 62H). All works well but the left front burner.

      I’m presently remodeling my kitchen and need to part with this beauty now! I will sell for $250 or best offer; buyer pays shipping.

      Location — Portsmouth, Ohio.

      If interested, contact me by email —

  259. jordan says:

    I have a fridg flair , 1962 , all works perfect except right oven, selling for 190 352-222-0211

  260. Dawn says:

    We are in Chicago if you are still interested it is in great working condition.

  261. John Ballard says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial for sale. Good condition, everything works on it! I can send pictures. It has two ovens and 4 burners. The big oven looks as if it has never been used! Will not ship. I am in Columbus, Ohio. Please e-mail me at johnnybgroveport@ yahoo . com for more info.

    I am open to offers.

  262. Mike says:

    Looking to sell fully working Frigidaire product of general motors USA – Delux – Flair

    In Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. email me at

  263. Ken says:

    I am not sure if this commentary is still open and in use but if it is I wanted to let some interested party know that I have a Custom Imperial model # RCI-645J with the optional two door base unit and the optional exhaust hood. The unit is in fair condition and has served us well for obviously many years. We are remodeling and before I just let this unit go to a yard sale I wanted to see if anyone who knew how nice they were, is interested. We have not used it in awhile so I don’t exactly remember what may not work well but we used it every day both ovens and burners for a long time and had it kept in repair. Any interest let me know. I live near Boston, ——

  264. I appreciate you sharing this post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  265. have a flair in excellant shape ,electric, for sale in miami fl, 450.00

  266. Laurel Clancy says:

    I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial RCI-635J with the optional base cabinet and fan hood. Everything working to the best of my knowledge. Looking to sell if anyone is interested!
    I live in So.NH/No.Mass.
    Thank you
    603 793 8236

  267. Stephanie M says:

    Have a 1962 frigidaire custom imperial stove trying to sell, in Kansas. Still in great shape and still works great, it is missing one of the nobs. email me if anyone is interested in seeing pictures. thank you 🙂

  268. I just sold my flair for $300 it was a counter top single oven with burners beneath,

  269. i have just recently got a new stove, i have a frigidaire flair for sale. i believe it is a 1960 model. it is in good working condition. the plug in the front does NOT WORK, and it needs a light bulb and some cleaning done. i am willing to get ride of it for 300.00 if it needs to be shipped buyer will be responsible.

  270. Ken says:

    Dear Flair Enthusiats,
    I wanted to let any interested party know that I have a Custom Imperial model # RCI-645J with the optional two door base unit and the optional exhaust hood and manual. The unit is in good working condition and has served us well for obviously many years. We are remodeling and I wanted to see if anyone who knew how nice they were, is interested in this unit for use or even parts. Free
    Any interest let me know. I live near Boston, ——


  271. Neil Elver says:

    Hello, I also have one for sale. It’s near Chicago and being offered for $50:

  272. Krystal says:

    I think I have the one we are using fixed. It has a wiring issue and I think this is resolved. Thanks, for the information. Kris

  273. says:

    Hey, you used to write magnificent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!

  274. Beth Thomas says:

    I have a Custom Imperial model RCI-645N with optional 2-door storage underneath, double oven, 4 pull out burners and everything works! I believe this is a 1968 model, but not positive. There is a small crack on the glass that covers the control panel on the range. We are in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please email me if you are interested at Asking $600.00.

  275. James Culpen says:

    We have the exact Frigidaire model that was on the show, “Bewitched.” We want to list it on Craigslist in the Dallas area, local pickup only. If anyone is interested you can email me at for photos and more info.


  276. katarina says:

    Hi you all,
    I have a 1960s FLAIR in awesome condition, all work but one light in the oven (easy fix). Remodeling kitchen and as much as I hate to do it, the FLAIR must go! Live in Denver, CO. Will help with shipping, local pick up if possible. Asking $400 obo.
    Contact me at or 303 868 5304. Only serious inquiries please!

  277. Betsy says:

    I love your blog/site! I also have a Frigidaire Flair – just like the one you sold. Mine is still quasi functional! The oven thermostats are not working and two burners just warm. Unless I can find parts, we may have to get another oven.

  278. Robin says:

    Darn the luck! I am only 1 hr 20 south of you, I am looking into buying one for my 1939 cape cod style house. I think I would look amazing in my kitchen. Anyone out there selling one in Illinois, let me know. Thanks!

  279. Jerry Long says:

    I have just completed a remodel of my home. I now have a model RCIB-645 to place in a good home. It is great shape. Everything works except the clock and the heat minder. I am located near Ebensburg Pa. ( Thats between Johnstown and Altoona about 75 miles east of Pittsburgh Pa.).
    As I know longer need my Flair I am only asking $300 but will consider offers to a good home. You either pick up or I will deliver at cost to you. I have a Silverado Pickup that I can use to haul. As you probably know the unit is heavy and can not be handled by me alone. I can be reached at this email address ( of by phone at 814-410-7159.

    Jerry Long

  280. Jerry Long says:

    I have one available. I am no sure if your reply is about mine or a reply to another post. In any case I live near Johnstown Pa. I have just completed a major kitchen remodel and have a
    model RCIB-645 that I no longer need. If you are interested I can be reached at 814-410-7159 or just email me at
    I am asking $300. Everything but the clock and the heat minder works.
    I have a pickup truck and can deliver a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel and meals.

  281. Dawn Brown says:

    Hi I am in Illinois about 45 miles west of Chicago and we have one that if fully functional and still in use. We are asking $500.00. Dawn~

    • Dawn Brown says:

      We have a Custom Imperial Model RCIB-645-2 white in good/great condition. I forgot to add that to the post….. Hi I am in Illinois about 45 miles west of Chicago and we have one that if fully functional and still in use. We are asking $500.00. Dawn~

  282. Tony C. says:

    For sale:
    Westinghouse flair custom imperial electric range model #63FD 905 6560206
    Works fine
    Make offer.
    Call: 916-425-0714

  283. John says:

    We have a 1964 Frigidaire Cutsom Imperial Flair for sale. Everything still works. I can email you pictures if you are interested. We are located in Northern Kentucky. Asking $500.00 or better offer. Email if you are seriously interested.

  284. Vangie says:

    I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair but I don’t know exactly what year it is. I never used it or even tried. When I purchased my home in Dec 2005 I found it sitting in the garage. I live in Garden Grove, CA. Anybody interested can email me at

  285. Mark says:

    I am looking for a 40″ original hood for a Flair (’65-’66 model). Anybody have one for sale..? I am in SoCal…

  286. Stacey says:

    I have a Flair in fine condition for sale (Wisconsin). Everthing works fine and the spped burner boils water more quickly than my new Jenn Air. Regretably it does not go with our remodeled property.

  287. Jo Cavalier says:

    I was on here doing some research…I have a Flair Custom Imperial Serial # 19FD 5004 Model # 6560106……I cant find this specific one listed anywhere….anyone with more info please email me at I would possibly be interested in selling it if I could find out what it is worth….I’m in Central Illinois.

  288. katie says:

    Have a Frigidaire Flair for sale. Stove is located in Harlingen, Texas (20 min. from South Padre). It is sitting in my Grandmother’s empty house. She passes away and we had an estate sale, but did not want to sell the Flair. Now, the house is under contract to sell, and we (all the grandkids) are 10 hours away and cannot get there to get it. I am trying to get the realtor to take a picture of it and maybe get a model number so I can have a picture. I am thinking 300.00 for it which is a REALLY good price, but you would have to be able to go and pick it up. Again, we are not close enough to be able to ship it. Let me know if you are interested.

    • Grace says:

      Do you still have the Flair range for sale? Is it a double oven range and does
      everything work…the burners, oven etc. I would have to have it shipped to oregon.

  289. julia says:

    I have a fridgidare flair deluxe that is located at White River Lake in Texas the 2 right burners and the right oven is not working so I beleive it my be the wiring. I am selling for $150.00 or best offer, you arrange for pick-up and moving. I really would like a smaller stove. The stove is brown and has the under cabinet.

  290. Dawn Brown says:

    Hi, we have a Custom Imperial Model RCIB-645-2 white in good/great condition we are in Illinois about 45 miles west of Chicago and we have one that if fully functional and still in use. We are asking $500.00. Dawn~

  291. Jesse says:

    I have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair for sale, Model # RCI-635J. It is in excellent condition, looks almost new. I live in Ohio and want to get rid of it. If interested please email me at

  292. Mark says:

    CJ- yes the stove is available. Send me your email and I will send a picture.

    • Grace says:

      Is your stove a double oven Flair and in good working condition? Please send me a picture with the price of the stove. Also, your location..I would have to have it shipped
      unless you are close enough to drive

  293. Mark says:

    It is not a Flair. It is a 1950 Frigidaire. All burners and oven work. I think it has a warming drawer too. I took it out of a house I bought but I turned it on and it heated right up. I’m asking $300 and I am located west of Fort Worth, Tx. If you will send me an email address I will send picture. I don’t know how to attach it to this.

  294. Jesse says:

    I still have the Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair, model RCI-635J for sale. Just bought a house and it was there. The lady who owned it took very good care of it. I believe it has only had one owner and never moved. This range is in excellent condition. Looks almost brand new. I recently moved it to my garage. I don’t want to keep it there to long for fear it will rust. This range needs a good home and owner who will keep it in its pristine condition. I am considering all offers. I live just outside Cleveland, Ohio. If interested pleas contact me via email at I can send photo’s and specs if interested.

  295. Stefanie says:

    Frigidaire Imperial Flair available in Sacramento, CA. We want to see this gem go to a good home. Please make an offer.

  296. Grace says:

    Stefanie..Tell me about the stove. Is it a double oven, do the ovens both work and do all the burners work. Can you email me a picture? Does the clock and timer both work?

  297. Nick says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair available in Raleigh, NC. It is a forty inch wide model (two ovens) and is mounted on the matching base. All parts of the oven work with the exception of the clock and the range top electrical outlet. I also a have a matching (color and width, not brand) hood to go with it. If you are interested leave me a note and contact info and I can send more details and pictures.

  298. Kim says:

    I am Selling a Frigidaire Flair, single oven, in working condition. Burner drip pans are rusty, but the rest of the stove is in beautiful condition. It is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I can send pictures. Buyer picks up/pays for shipping. $400 or best offer. (262)412-3592 or email me

  299. Dawn Brown says:

    i, we have a Custom Imperial Model RCIB-645-2 white in good/great condition we are in Illinois about 45 miles west of Chicago and we have one that if fully functional and still in use. We are asking $500.00. Dawn~

  300. Carol says:

    Are you people nuts?? These flairs are very rare and going for crazy money! right now… have an offer of 1500 for my single oven in good shape all working order!

    • Betsy says:

      Carol, is this offer through Easter Kiwi or do you have it posted elsewhere? We would like to list ours. We’re just not sure of the best platform for an offer.

    • says:

      No, thank you, we’re not nuts… We only need a small part for our Frigidaire oven. Sorry you are so money hungry… ues wcoud get double that for our double oven ….

  301. Grace says:

    I am interested in a good working condition frigidaire Flair double oven. Perfer West Coast location

  302. Michelle says:

    Anyone still interested in the Frigidaire Flair? I have one to sell also. It is in good shape and still works! It is brown. I will send pics and price if interested. Stove is near UP in Michigan.

  303. Lowell says:

    If you want to grow your experience simply keep visiting this web site and be updated
    with the hottest gossip posted here.

  304. Lee says:

    Hi, We are looking for a double oven Frigidaire Flair for my mom. We would consider a single oven also. We live south of Boston. Thanks!

  305. Jesse says:

    I have a single oven that I want to get rid of. It is in very good shape. I live in Cleveland. Please email if interested.

  306. Mike Paquin says:

    I have the two glass oven doors for a Flair, some alum moldings. Entire knob set (9 of one style, 3 of the other). and the two over elements. Had to scrap a Flair as part of my biz today, had only one owner it’s entire life and they just couldn’t get parts any more. I kne wthere wa siterest but only had the ability to remove some parts quickly. I am willing to sell them to someone for one money, if a fair price is offered. Mike Paquin Philly PA 484 868-6958

  307. Tina says:

    I have what I believe is a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial RBGB-335 and a DeLuze-330 (from about 1960). They work, are in great condition, and have the original meat thermometers still. I am trying to see if people still buy these things as they are awesome but won’t work with the style of our new kitchen as we get the house. I feel bad sending such great machines to the dump. E-mail me if you are interested or know someone who might be. There is also a cook top, hood, and dishwasher but I don’t have the details on those.

  308. How did you actually obtain the ideas to publish ““Frigidaire Flair | EasterKiwi”?
    Thanks for the post -Martina

  309. I really Think blog, “Frigidaire Flair | EasterKiwi” was great!
    Icould not see eye to eye along with u more!
    Finally seems like I actuallyidentified a website really
    worth checking out. Thank you, Robin

  310. Dan says:

    Have a Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair unit for sale……Colorado Springs, Colorado…..let me know if interested

  311. kristina says:

    i have a1963 imperial deluxe custom in southern illinois $350 pick up only-she is working and beautiful 618 964 6161

  312. Ron says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair RCIB 645-2 for sale. I am in north central Wisconsin.
    The stove is in immaculate condition. Asking $ 250.00

    • Sondra says:

      Please let me know if you still have your Frigidaire available. Where are you located in Wisconsin?


  313. Deborah says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair 1962 looking for left front burner? 773-590-9458

  314. SH says:

    We have a two oven Custom Imperial Flair in Raleigh NC. All burners and both ovens were working when we removed it to the garage a few years ago. It is mounted on the matching base and we have a matching width fan unit which was mounted above the unit. We like to sell for $200 and can provide pictures on request(pick up only). snheinze(at)ncsu(dot)edu

    • Keena White says:

      I would love to buy your stove. Can you send me photos to my cellphone. And when are you available for me to come pick it up. pleasse contact me at or on my cell at757-405-8355

  315. Mark says:

    I have a 1950 Frigidaire electric stove in perfect working condition. I am in the Ft Worth area and will not ship, however I am eager to sell.

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  317. Gene says:

    I have a 1961 Frigidaire Flair Electric Range that we are willing to sell now that we have updated our appliances. It sits in my garage in W. Lebanon, NH. My wife says she liked it better than the glass top we have now.

  318. Patty says:

    I’ll be selling my Frigidaire Flair Electric Range, which looks just like the top one in this forum (I can post pictures if anyone is interested), around the first part of July 2013. I’ll be asking $150 or best offer, plus shipping. I’d ask the shipper to do the crating for me however, I think. The ovens work great (except the preset feature, which turns it on after a timer-set number of hours have elapsed). The lamps all work, but the dial that you turn somehow got spun a quarter turn, so when it says off, it’s on one of the settings instead, and on one of the other settings, it’s really off. That could be fixed if someone wanted to do so. The front large and front small burners have both been replaced with the Frigidaire burners designed for the Back small and large burners, since the original replacements are no longer available. This causes the small one to function more like a standard burner, instead of a Speed burner. And the large one now works, but heats to a boil very slowly, maybe taking 20 minutes. It would do better as a warming burner, but if you are patient, it can boil a pan of water. Email me if interested: pbzjunk@

  319. Patty says:

    I should have mentioned, I’m in the Santa Barbara, California area. The design of this oven is far superior to any double ovens that are currently on the market. To have the windows and doors at eye level, and the racks at forearm level (I’m 5/4″) is fabulous! No bending down to get a heavy turkey out of a below-the-waist lower oven, like the modern day double-oven ranges. Also, these ovens can be used separately from the range, if you wanted to used them separately. The storage below the pull-out stove burners drawer is so handy. I will miss my oven, which I’ve had since I moved into a home where it’d be left back in 1980 or so. I made my husband move it to our current home, I love it so much. But we are remodeling the kitchen, so I am going for built-in double ovens and a gas cooktop instead. The back burners work as they should, I should have mentioned before. Anyone interested?

  320. Mary says:

    I found a Frigidaire Flair in the barn. I live in the Vandalia Ohio area near the Dayton airport. Do I clean it up and post it or just cover it back up?

  321. Tony in Sacramento, ca says:

    Have frigidare custom imperial flair, all electric, with double oven w/probe, and pull out 4 burner cook top. Very good condition everything works. White cabinet and stainless cook top and trim. #63FD-905, and #6560106. Have photos to send. $500. OBO. If interested cal 916-425-0714 or email

  322. sharon clark says:

    I also own the Frigidare custom imperial flair, What I realllly need is a copy of the wiring diagram on the back, the one on the back of my unit is ‘kaput’…. “OR” if you know where I can get a copy of a legible one… Much apppppreciation.. Sharon C., Crockett, Ca.

  323. Kevin O'Rourke says:

    Sharon, I have a PDF of the Frigidaire Tech-Talk manual. It has a load of wiring diagrams, etc.

    Just contact me at and I will email it to you.

    Kevin O’

    • Talita says:

      I have a frigidaire flair that’s in need of a little TLC but its all working. I’m upgrading the kitchen so I wanted to sell it. I have it listed on Craigslist with Picts if anyone is interested in seeing it. Heres the link for it. Make an offer—- Or email me at

  324. Grace says:

    I have a 1962 Frigidare Flair. It is a single oven, oven works but two burners do not. could be
    just the burners or maybe the wiring. Stove could be repaired or used for parts.

    • Susie Norris says:

      Hi Grace. I’m interested in your Flair. I don’t have room for the double and have been looking for a single. Where are you located and how much are you asking?
      Thanks, Susie

      • Grace says:

        Hi Susie……I am located in McMinnville, oregon. I put the message out there to
        find out if there was any interest in the stove. I haven’t decided on a price.
        I am still using the stove. I had bought a double oven which is in my garage
        until I move this one out. The single oven does not have a base because I have
        built in cabinets that it sit on.

      • Charles Buszek says:

        I am in Erie Pa, I have a 1962 flair, I will know in a few days for sure but last I was told everything works on it, it is in pristine condition. old folks who had the house kept it in tip top condition, I am remodeling within the next 2 weeks and would like to get this thing sold. I can be emailed at I have seen all kinds of prices online, make me an offer that works for you and me and we can agree.

  325. Charles Buszek says:

    just to update.. mine is a single oven, it also has no base, the kitchen has a standard cabinet under it. also have all original paperwork for it including the advertisement for it

  326. Grace says:

    I have a 1962 Frigidare Flair. It is a single oven, oven works but two left burners do not. could be
    just the burners or maybe the wiring. Stove could be repaired or used for parts. I live in Oregon.
    I love the stove and replacing it with a double oven Flair

  327. Grace says:

    WANTED…..A lift up vent that goes on top of a double oven Frigidaire Flair range. If you have one
    for sale please email me at THANKS

  328. Wendy Cote says:

    For sale in East Longmeadow MA. circa 1962 Frigidaire Flair. Double oven with cabinet below. 3/4 burners working. $100 or BO. You move. Please reply to

  329. Michelle says:

    Not sure how to post on this site. I have a great Flair stove for sale in Michigan. I can send pics etc. if anyone is interested. It is brown and everything works.

  330. Michelle says:

    Hi John,
    I posted the Flair Custom Imperial anniversary model on ebay. The pics are posted! Ebay listing # is 181255251222. Thanks John. Michelle

  331. Mary says:

    Where should I send pics

  332. Charles Buszek says:

    if I don’t find a buyer soon for mine, I will be taking it to the recycling center here. single oven everything works on it, I am remodeling soon and want this thing gone, any reasonable offer will be accepted. I am 2 hours north of Pittsburgh, just over an hour or so from Cleveland .

  333. michelee says:

    I have one on ebay right now with pcis listing 181255251222.

  334. Jessica says:

    I have stove very similar to this, may be a 1970? Would be willing to ship at your cost. Everything works except the clock. Even comes with pieces to do a rotisserie chicken inside.

  335. Marjorie says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial in Turquoise in upstate NY. Any interest? I was thinking $400 and it is in good shape and works. In orginal kitchen that it was delivered to.

  336. Marjorie says:

    OMG. I might have spoke too soon. Just saw some of these stoves on ebay for 850-1500. Really?

    • Dear Marjorie,
      I have one but it’s kaput. How far upstate are you? Do you still have it?
      If so we can negotiate and I’ll get it downstate here. Just to let you know’
      I saw one on ebay and the “seller” turned out to be from Kenya!! it would
      have been one heck of a trip!
      Please let me know one way or another so we can get this stove on
      the road . Oh, is it a double oven?

      • Marjorie says:

        We still have the stove. We are SW of Albany, NY. Middleburgh is near the intersection of NYS Rte 30 and NYS Rte 145. Where are you? Yes it is a double oven. As far as I know, the only thing that does not work is the bottom coil in the small oven. I believe it can be fixed or replaced with not too much issue.

      • Dear Marjorie,
        How much do you want for it? I have a bottom coil in our small oven
        that does work. I’m in Newburgh, NY so it’s not that far. Sorry for the delay
        in answering but I didn’t know you had replied and the weather has been
        terrible! My email is which I check everyday.I am
        so use to cooking on this stove but mine is kaput!
        Gayle Fedigan

    • john pueshel 9176042128 says:

      Hello Marjorie – we are located in New York and would like to come buy your stove if its still available. We’ve been searching for awhile and are ready to go…..

      Thanks for your time!

      • Marjorie says:

        I’m pretty sure Gayle is buying the stove. If she does not pick it up March 9th I will contact you for sure. Thank you.

      • nyc shop says:

        Hi there Marjorie thanks very much for your reply – its appreciated. Best of luck on your sale – and yes thanks so much for contacting me again if it doesn’t work out!

        Cheers, JP Pueshel

  337. Mark says:

    I still have my 1950’s Frigidaire electric stove with warming drawer and oven in great condition that I would gladly sell for $250 near Ft Worth, Tx. Would love to sell it for what it says on ebay but I’m not greedy! Just want to move it!!

  338. ksteffey says:

    I’m getting a new oven and have a Frigidaire Flair that was in this home when I moved in. Ovens still work and three of the burners. Might be good for parts. Any interest? I’m located about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. Free.

  339. Angie colgrove says:

    I am looking for a Frigidaire flair in great condition. Please text me at 904-753-1487 with offers and pics.

  340. Victor says:

    For Sale: I have a Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial (Brown/Bronze) in Washington, D.C. area. Just removed from service from its original installed location. It is in good condition and works well..

  341. Betsy says:

    I have a RCIB 645 for sale on NJ. It’s looks beautiful but need electrical work. Asking $150.

    • jp says:

      hi betsy – we’re in new york and looking for a Flair. do you have any pictures? does this model have the storage base and the exhaust fan?

      what area of jersey?


      • Betsy says:

        Hi JP- The flair has the original storage base with white doors. No exhaust fan, though. We are in Haddonfield (south jersey). I can email you pictures; please post your email address.

  342. Betsy Wood says:

    We are now offering our Flair “free to a good home”. RCIB 645. It most likely needs thermostats and maybe fuses. The two ovens get hot and the front right burner gets hot. It needs tender loving care to get it back up to speed.

  343. Austin Hegenbarth says:

    I have this same range. It was in out house when my wife and I bought it. It is in amazing shape, all the knobs are there also the paint is exceptional. For more information or pictures please email me at thank you.

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  348. Karla Malcolm says:

    We have a Frigidaire Flair oven and pull out stove for sale in MT. Anyone interested?

  349. Janice says:

    I am interested in purchasing a Frigidaire Imperial oven. Please email me at, or text me at 903.930.4465.
    Thank you!

  350. Pingback: Felix - Kohler Created

  351. Ed Lewis says:

    We have a Frigidaire Flair in our kitchen, which we regularly use and love. However, we do not now use two of the burners since we felt a low electrical shock when they were in use. Also, the clock and automatic features of the ovens do not work. Can anyone refer me to a person or company who can repair the Flair? One repairman came in our kitchen, refused to work on it, and said, “Get rid of it; it’s a fire trap.” We live in Salisbury, NC, about 35 miles northeast of Charlotte. We will appreciate any help we can receive!

  352. Dave says:

    I need one of the large burners for this stove. Anybody got one ? Please Email me @, Put Fridgidare flair in heading. Thanks, Dave

  353. Betsy says:

    Sorry, no. It’s been gone for a few months now.

  354. Mary Jane Hooker says:

    I need the front ‘quick’ het burner… got one ? thanks…

  355. Amanda Gullick says:

    Would like to sell my Frigidaire Flair ASAP! Here is the info

  356. Marc says:

    I am in process of buying a home with one of these stoves.the lady uses it every day. I would like to sell it. I am in Monroe Mi.

    • Paula Ripberger says:

      When we bought our house and saw the beautiful stove in the kitchen, I had it negotiated! That was 24 years ago, and I still use every day and love it! On a side note, my husband and I came across one in good shape, mint green with double oven and hood for $1,350 in Cloverdale, Indiana in an antique store. Said one burner was not working. Did you know these were top of the line when they were made? Probably explains why they have lasted for 50+ years 🙂

  357. Mary says:

    I live in Vandalia Ohio are you wanting to buy my stove

  358. Johnny baker says:

    I hv one for sale wks great I’m still using it but I’m moving and the new house came with new oven or I would take it along I’m asking 800.00

  359. Mike Stefanski says:

    Where are you located? Do you have any pictures?

  360. Wendy Morrison says:

    I have a Frigidaire for sale. I live in Seattle WA. I am able to ship. Check out my craigslist ad.

  361. Mike says:

    I have one. Near scranton, pa. Email if interested

  362. Rebecca Davis says:

    I also have one to sell, as a unit or for parts. St. Louis, MO.

  363. Heike Ramsey says:

    I have a 1961 model in full working order. Made dinner tonight on it. We are moving and as much as I hate to part with it, I will no longer need it. Mine has the single oven and 4 burners. Please send offers to

  364. Ed Lewis, says:

    Yes, we still have and use our Flair. I found an electrician in Granite Quarry/Salisbury, NC who worked on our stove top, reattaching a couple of the burners to the “hot” wires, using some new wire or materials in the process. Works like a charm.

  365. Mary says:

    I have one in Ohio. It has been in the barn for years. Do you want to buy it for parts or to repair?

    • Daniel Adams says:

      Mary, if it is the model where the lower bake element has three prongs I would love to buy just the element from you. I can find the two pronged bake element all over, but mine is an older model that has a three prongs on it.
      Daniel Adams

  366. Charla Cook says:

    I have one in Texas will sale as is. Large front burner doesn’t work.

  367. Grace says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair single oven range for sale. Burners have been removed but the rest can be used for parts or be reconditioned. Located in Oregon

  368. Kyle Thorpe says:

    I have a fully working Frigidaire Flair for sale in Minnesota.

  369. Samuel E Lewis says:

    I have a Frigidaire Flair stove (which resides in Salisbury, NC) that I will sell for the best offer or if no offer is forthcoming, I will give it away free for shipping costs. All four surface units and both ovens work fine, but the clock does not work. I need to keep it until the first of 2017, but need to move it soon after the first of 2017. I will provide picture if requested. Contact Ed Lewis at 704-633-5544 or

  370. Kyle says:

    Hello, any suggestions on how to post this.
    I have one that I love and don’t to see it go to the dump!!
    Any help is so appreciated

  371. I have a 30 inch Frigidaire Flair Imperial with built in hood to sell. From a ranch home built in 1959, I assume the Flair is original to the house. It was built into the cabinets, so it doesn’t have the metal cabinet underneath. Needs cleaning. One oven with the gull-wing glass door. All 4 burners work but one has problems getting too hot. Burner drawer in good condition, slides and stops as it should. Oven and temp control work. Clock has not worked in 5 years. $650 or best offer. You pick up. Located in LeRoy IL, in central Illinois. Email for pictures, call Laurie at 309-825-2746 with questions.

  372. T Johnson says:

    We just picked up a Frigidaire Flair Imperial with a hood. good shape runs on 220V. Came out of homestead in southern utah. $750 or best offer. You pick up. Email for pictures, Thanks!

  373. Andy says:

    1963 Frigidaire Flair Electric Stove/Oven RCIH-635 *GOOD COND, WORKS*

  374. Mark A VanCleve says:

    I have just obtained a ’67/’68 Flair Custom Imperial (twin oven) with base cabinet from a teardown near Los Angeles, CA. Avocado green. Needs cleaning & TLC, unsure of working condition; left in home by sellers, home scheduled for demolition. I already have one, so must sell. I will be transporting to my location (San Fernando Valley). Can email pics. Don’t want to see it scrapped. Make offer. Pick-up only; cannot deliver.

  375. Lisa Taylor says:

    I have this oven still in working condition!

  376. Chuck Hughes says:

    I have this stove/oven near Rochester NY… one burner needs repair and needs to be cleaned up… looking for a new home for it…. interested?

  377. Janet says:

    I am looking for a frigidaire imperial flair, working. I am in the Florida , but want stove for cabin in Tennessee. Can picked up between Keys and Crossville, TN

  378. Andy says:

    CALL/TEXT FOR PICS : 724-971-2447

  379. Sherry says:

    Flair for sale in good shape: One burner is finicky and the clock doesn’t work. This was a daily use oven until 2 weeks ago when the kitchen reno started. In Tampa, FL. $200. email me at Pics on C*List Tampa

  380. Lisa Taylor says:

    Is anyone still looking for this stove? I have this exact one in Ohio we are looking to get rid of.

  381. Diane Graves says:

    I am looking for parts for this stove.. I dont want to give mine up, and I would be very grateful if someone could offer some contacts that have parts for the above.. I have an RC1B-645-2

    • Diane Graves says:

      forgot to add – I hope someone can help me out – I realize this conversation is fairly old, but I am not giving up!

  382. Jaimie Cottrell says:

    I have a 1961 Frigidaire Flair Custom Deluxe Double Oven, it worked great for about a year, I need replacement items, but, don’t know how to find them. Can you please contact me at, with any info or help on finding replacement parts. I Love it and would be so excited to be able to use it again!! Thank You.

    • Steve Dvorscak says:

      Check out the “Fans of the Frigidaire Flair” group on Facebook. They have a parts list posting for every Flair free standing range ever made

  383. G says:

    Hoping to find a Tech Talk manual for 1961 Flair Custom Imperial (RCIB-645-2).

  384. Deena says:

    We have two (2) Frigidaire Flair pink stove with double ovens. Located in Great Bend Kansas. Contact us at

  385. Hi,
    I live in Lexington, Ky. and I am the one who purchased this wonderful stove from Lexington, Mass. I am now retired and I plan on moving in the near future. If anyone is interested in purchasing this stove from me please contact me with an offer.
    Thanks, Mike

    • Bob Rose says:

      Michael, I am interested if the stove is in good condition. We had this stove in my parents home built in 1962 in Christian County until it “died” for the last time in 2012. I would be very interested in talking with you about it. Do you have any pictures you could email? I live near Nashville and could pick it up if we made an agreement.

      • Mike says:

        I will take some pictures of the stove this weekend. I can text them to you. If you would like to call me you can reach out to me at my email. I will then send you my phone#. I appreciate your interest in this wonderful stove.

  386. Amy Wilbourn says:

    I’m looking for a Frigidaire Flair stove. I live in Mississippi. If there is one out there for sale and it is in good working condition please send me the information on it please. Thank you

  387. Anita Hart says:

    I would LOVE to purchase a Frigidaire flair stove 1960 or 70s. Please help me out. Thank you so much!! Anita Hart

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