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Cactus Flower

My cactus actually got a flower in my garden window in the winter.  I’m in shock!  Especially since I’ve never managed to have a cactus flower anytime of year. BTW  I have been really challenging myself to use the manual … Continue reading

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Front Steps

Our new front steps. Here is the before pic: After (The much safer version):

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The Family Room/Den Now

I would like to change a few things in the Family Room/Den without spending a ton of money.    For now we are keeping the couch since it has a few good years left in it and it is a decent … Continue reading

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The Den/Family Room Before

Here are some pics of our Den/Family Room when we first got the house.  Some pics are with the previous owners furniture and the first two are with our furniture soon after we moved in back in 2003.  I will … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Organization by Color

A while back I took the plunge and organized my book shelves by color. There is actually a Flickr group devoted to Rainbow Book organization. We didn’t have quite the right mix of books to make a true rainbow, but … Continue reading

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Mystery Weeds

At some point this summer some weeds showed up in our garden thanks to some seeds that never broke down in our compost/worm bin. We speculated for much of the summer and thought that they were melons, but it turns … Continue reading

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2007 In Pictures

Happy New Year! I decided to make a collage of picture highlights from 2007. I tried to choose a picture per month. Our new kitchen A trip to Asheville, NC Our first view of the Galapagos Islands A Galapagos Tortoise … Continue reading

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Winter Farm Share

Winter Farm Share We joined a new CSA for the Winter and had our first pickup last weekend.  We were stunned by the amount of awesome quality vegetables that we received.  The Romanesco broccoli or broccoflower pictured below was by … Continue reading

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Crock-pot Cookin’

Crock-pot Originally uploaded by jjzach I’ve been using the crock-pot from my childhood to make some meals on the weekends. After a failed Bean Soup I made a good batch of Baked Beans and most recently some Ultimate Chili. The … Continue reading

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Menu Board

Menu Board Originally uploaded by jjzach I was all set to make a commitment and paint a portion of the kitchen wall with magnetic chalkboard paint, but wimped out and opted to get 2 chalkboard tiles from the Pottery Barn.

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