Bird Crafts

This project turned out to be good for a wedding and baby gifts.  My brother and his wife had a love bird theme for their wedding way back when they got married in 2009.  It was cool then, but now I can’t help but laugh when I think about the Put a Bird on It sketch on Portlandia.  I helped make a bunch of birds to be included as their centerpieces and a take home item for guests.  The birds were featured on Apartment Therapy and the pattern can be downloaded here via Spool Sewing.  I found the instructions easy to follow and the project really forced me to become more confident with my sewing machine.  I added some lavender to the stuffing, because I figured they might end up in someone’s drawer so it may as well make it smell good.

Here are some pictures of the birds at my house before they traveled to Burlington, VT for the wedding.  Somehow I managed to forget to take a picture of them when they were on the tables at the wedding.  Each table had a nest with two birds in it and there were more than enough birds for all guests to take one home.

After making so many birds I felt like I could make them with my eyes closed so I decided to actually make a few mobiles when a few babies were on their way in the family recently.  I wasn’t a fan of using branches in my house so I bought a pair of wooden circles at a craft store that were intended for purse handles and @lbjay drilled some holes in them for me with a fine drill bit.  I also decided to use black and white fabric combined with bright colors since infants are drawn to those color combinations.  I strung the mobile together with black crochet string and some large colorful beads.

Here is one that we gave to our cousins:

and here is our baby gazing at his.  I added a bird to the center of this one.  He really likes to look at it.  The mobile has never made its way  to his crib.  We have kept it over our dining room table, which keeps him occupied while we are eating.

For all my wedding related crafts click here.

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3 Responses to Bird Crafts

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  2. Oh I do love these spool birds, and the colours of the birds for the wedding are so very vibrant, loving the blue!

    Good idea to use black and white for the baby mobile! Love it.

  3. dustin martin says:

    good job(:

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