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Push Mower

Our latest green investment is a push mower from Clean Air Gardening. We sprung for the attachment to catch grass clippings. We will use some of the dry grass clippings to mulch the beds in the fall and for the … Continue reading

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Rain Barrel

I picked up a 55 gallon recycled rain barrel today. One half inch of rain will fill the whole barrel! It is a New England Rain Barrel that we were able to get at a reduced rate through our town. … Continue reading

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The Worms in the Basement

We finally set up the worm bin that I mentioned in a previous post last week. We got our red wigglers online from a place called Planet Natural. You Grow Girl suggests that you make sure you ask for the … Continue reading

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Paraben Free Beauty Products

Having heard that Parabens can be linked to breast cancer I have started to check labels and it seems that everything in my life has parabens in it. I found this list of products that don’t contain the many different … Continue reading

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Design Squad

PBSKids has a new reality show called Design Squad that is set in the Boston area. Its goal is to get viewers excited about engineering. Eight high school contestants tackle engineering challenges for actual clients — and the person with … Continue reading

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Earth Day

I’m thinking of heading over to Home Depot today to get some free CFL light bulbs.  In honor of Earth Day they are giving a million away, which will result in over 12 million dollars of energy savings for the … Continue reading

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We saw An Incovenient Truth last night and we were inspired to start to change the world one worm at a time. The March 2007 Issue of Martha Stewart Living had some great information about how to Compost with Worms. … Continue reading

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Household Cleaners

I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious when choosing cleaning products. Trader Joes and Whole Foods have many options for just about anything. There are also many cleaners that you can make yourself. A recent shower drain clog … Continue reading

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I Hate Hummers

. . . but I love this picture of a Hummer golf cart from our recent trip to Florida. Here are some Take Action tips to reduce your impact on the earth while on the move.  Using Hummer golf carts … Continue reading

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We have been composting with a compact unit that we got from The Gardeners Supply Company. It doesn’t take up much space and it is handy to have soil ready whenever you need it. This compost pail and the cornstarch … Continue reading

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