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Cactus Flower

My cactus actually got a flower in my garden window in the winter.  I’m in shock!  Especially since I’ve never managed to have a cactus flower anytime of year. BTW  I have been really challenging myself to use the manual … Continue reading

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Wine Cork Keychains

Here is another crafty wedding project from my brother’s wedding. Made these as favors for the rehearsal dinner and at my brother’s wedding.  I’m a big fan of this project because it reuses one of my favorite things, wine corks!  … Continue reading


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Green Beans

We had a fantastic green bean crop this year.  Planted both yellow and green.

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Giant Vegetables

I helped sew this giant ear of corn for LexFarm to use during the Lexington Patriot’s Day Parade.  The Emerson Umbrella had a session to guide folks with making large items out of kite materials back in March.  I must … Continue reading

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Earth Hour 2010

Here is the view of the Boston skyline during earth hour from Robbins Park in Arlington, MA.  The skyline seemed a bit dimmer after 8:30 pm, but it was hard to really tell from far away.  We did our part … Continue reading

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Origami Wedding Present

We wanted to get some recently married friends a menu board of some kind for a wedding present.  They like to laugh at @lbjay‘s menu (see above) so we thought it would be funny.  I found blackboard decals and decided … Continue reading

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Buy Handmade

We took the pledge to buy handmade this holiday season.  We were able to do most of our shopping at Bizarre Bazaar Boston today.  It was a pleasure to avoid the parking lots and long lines in favor of something … Continue reading

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Bird Sighting

in Winchester Center.  I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but I liked how the water looked swirling around it.

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This year we are having better luck with our cucumbers.  We made 4 mounds and planted the seedlings on the top of each mound, hoping the mound will retain more moisture.  Since there was a clear space between the mounds … Continue reading

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Sunflower Seed

A new sunflower seedling in our vegetable garden with the seed still on top. Update: Birds or Chipmunks kept eating my sunflower seedlings.  After several failed attempts I cut up toilet paper rolls to 3 inches in length and put … Continue reading

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