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Flea Market Find

Flea Market Find Originally uploaded by jjzach At our yearly trek to the wonderful Todd Farm we found an Incredible Hulk fist that makes smashing noises when you punch things. This great flea market find will make a great accessory … Continue reading

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I got some Bee-Bots to use with Preschool and Kindergarten students this year in Computer Class. They are small bee-shaped robots that have four arrow buttons to program the bee to go from one place to the next. They were … Continue reading

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Kitty Kelly

It has been hot as hell, and the cat still sits in the sun. . . Nobody ever said Kitty Kelly was the smartest cat in the world! BTW – She has a Kitty Kelly Catster page now proving that … Continue reading

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Feliz Navidad

I carried on a family tradition this past Christmas by putting this angel on top of our Christmas tree with her customary hat. Don’t ask about the sombrero.

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Sunday Muddy Sunday

So, when LBJ was in Israel in September he brought me back some Ahava Dead Sea Body products. Apparently some people stop in Tel Aviv just for a trip to the duty free shops to buy some. I’ve tried them … Continue reading

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Cheeto’s Lip Balm

I happen to be a Blistex addict, but I feel like no chapstick, would be better than Cheetos Lip Balm.

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The fun, simple and safe way to turn ordinary hot dogs into exciting to cook and super fun to eat . . . Octodogs. Please note: I never want to see one of these on my plate. It really grosses … Continue reading

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Craft Corner Death Match

The Craft Corner Death Match is a hilarious and addictive crafting show on the Style Network. It describes itself as Martha Stewart Living meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – it’s home ec as extreme sport, and someone’s about to get … Continue reading


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The Pope Kiwi

UPDATE: The funeral Mass for the Pope John Paul Kiwi has ended and his body has reached its final resting place. A final farewell was held before a small group of people at the tomb located in a kitchen in … Continue reading

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