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EasterKiwis 2012

Not a huge batch this year.  Think famous cartoon couples, completed in the minimalist style.  Inspired by the minimalist LEGO ads that everyone was posting about a few weeks back. Bert and Ernie Homer and Marge

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EasterKiwis 2010

Now presenting our recent batch of EasterKiwis: To see larger versions of the photos go to my Picasa EasterKiwi Album.  Please vote for your favorite kiwi below:

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Most people would look twice if Redcoats were milling about, but in Lexington this is a typical sight downtown.  BTW – I’m not sure why some of the Redcoats seem to be wearing jeans.

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The Paper House

The Paper House in Rockport, MA has walls that are made of paper as well as many of the furnishings.  This quick and bizarre side trip on our way to the beach was worth a stop. For more pics click … Continue reading

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Rick Roll Cake

I just had to give a Rick Roll Cake a try for Jay’s birthday. It is well worth the effort as we are still laughing about it almost a week later. Make sure that you have a laptop nearby so … Continue reading

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April Fools!

We were invited to an April Fools’ themed party over the weekend and decided to bring some fake grilled cheese sandwiches. Ingredients: Store bought Pound Cake, Homemade Frosting, Yellow and Red food coloring Jay grilled the pound cake so it … Continue reading

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100,000 Jackpot Wad

This was my favorite SNL bit from the 80s. Jackie Rogers Jr’s 100,000 Jackpot Wad is still funny after all these years!

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Go Red Sox!

Picture025_24Oct07 Originally uploaded by jayluker Jay figured out how to change the message on the LCD of the HP printer at his office. Thanks to his message the Boston Red Sox completed mission World Series Champions part 2 successfully. If … Continue reading

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Kissing Shadows

I am a bit addicted to looking at the search terms that bring people to this blog. The other day I found that someone typed kissing shadows into a search engine and was directed to my Ecuador Post. Seems like … Continue reading

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Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun Originally uploaded by jjzach The Smittens had fun with the PhotoBooth feature on my new laptop. Here is the whole fun PhotoBooth shoot. They stayed with us while they were on tour this month. Below The Smittens … Continue reading

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