Joovy Twin Roo


Last winter we needed a twin frame stroller to use with our Chicco Keyfit 30 carseats.  We first tried a used double Baby Trend Universal Snap-N-Go stroller, but didn’t like that the car seats don’t snap in tightly.  We quickly decided that using straps to attach the car seats every time would be a nuisance, especially when dealing with 2 babies.  After searching around quite a bit, we settled on the Joovy Twin Roo, and it has served us very well.  The Chicco car seats snap into this frame and don’t need to be attached with straps.  The frame is wider than the Snap-N-Go, but much sturdier and fits through most doorways fine.  The Twin Roo also feels a lot less clumsy because it isn’t as long. The twins face in opposite directions when walking, but when stopped you can flip a seat around temporarily if needed.  When you do this, the seat doesn’t snap in tightly so you need to remember to swap it back before you are on the move again.  This isn’t a great stroller for off road use, but can be used on non bumpy trails and on grass for short stretches.  For winter babies, this is a great choice since you can’t really go on trails if you are in snowy/icy areas and it is easier to transport the babies in their car seats when they are under 6 months.  The stroller folds nicely, isn’t too heavy and takes up average stroller real estate in the trunk.

We also invested in the Joovy Bumprider for our 3 year old and it has been great as well.  It was especially useful when taking solo outings with all 3 kids.  The Bumprider is universal and will work with many strollers.  On the Twin Roo, it needs to be taken off before folding the stroller.  When walking, my feet do hit the bumprider sometimes, but this was something that I could live with in exchange for the ability to leave the house.    If you aren’t using the bumprider, you can opt not to attach it for the outing or there is a strap that allows you clip it out of the way.

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