Modern Geneva architecture

Most of the architecture in Geneva was pretty traditional, but there are a few modern examples that can be found.

The Schtrumpfs Buildings: Location: 23-29 Rue Louis-Favre, Geneva, CH
Named for the Smurfs this is an apartment complex that was designed by 3 architects with the goal of creating the most unusual cluster of buildings possible.

There was also a Le Corbusier building very close to our apartment.  The Maison Clarté is located on rue Adrien Lachenal, Geneva, CH.  Although it doesn’t look remarkable by today’s standards, when it was built in the thirties it was considered a revolutionary project.  The exterior is built with steel and glass, allowing  a lot of light in and eliminating the need for interior load bearing walls.  Unfortunately this building is not open to the public.

On a non-architecture related note I loved these bicycle contraptions:

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