Live abroad. Check!

Item number 92 on my lifelist is to live abroad. In the spring @lbjay was asked to work in the Geneva, Switzerland area this summer. Luckily, my work schedule allowed me to join him.  So we found an apartment in the Malagnou area of Geneva:

that happened to have a wonderful roof deck with a great view.  Awesome for entertaining:

And I set some mini goals for myself while in Geneva.  Some touristy like visit the United Nations, take a boat tour of Lake Geneva

ride on the Téléphérique du Salève on a clear day to take in an aerial view of Geneva

and learn about the Microcosm at CERN.I also had other not so touristy plans like eat local foods, go to some Swiss flea markets

and try chocolate from at least 10 different Chocolateries.  My chocolate tour was guided by this great list from the Chocolate Atlas website.  We have 2 days left in Geneva and happily I will meet my chocolate goal since I am already up to 9.  A complete list of my chocolate research is coming soon.

There have been many other highlights that can be seen in our Geneva Album.  As our time here winds down I’m trying to decide whether or not I should actually check this off my list because I would like to do it again someday.  For now it is time to head home and to get ready for other big projects and situations on my life list.

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