Around Geneva – Part 1

We have just finished the first half our our time in Geneva. Here are some highlights around the city:

The annual Cafe Waiters race:

Views of Jet d’Eau from all around the city:

The flower clock (with a peek of Jet d’Eau in the upper left):
In honor of the year of biodiversity, the flower clock has been redesigned to include all regional perennial plants.  The clock includes over 50 species of flowers and grasses.

Fireworks from our roof deck.  You can spot Jet d’Eau on the lower right.  More on our apartment later.  The Swiss take their fireworks very seriously.  I have never seen such an elaborate show.

. . . and of course CHOCOLATE!  More on our chocolate adventures later too.  Here is a picture of our chocolate course one night on the roof deck:

For all of our pics around Geneva during the first 2 weeks click here.

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