Eating in Paris – Highlights

We had some good luck eating in Paris thanks to our Rick Steves’ Paris guide book.  All had great food, were affordable and did not disappoint with a fun atmosphere.  On the first night we ate on Ile Saint-Louis at La Brasserie de l’Ile St. Louis.  Great Alsation cuisine, outdoor dining and a prime view.  I had the best cassoulet of my life here:

(Cassoulet on the bottom)

. . . and for dessert we strolled down the main street and got double ice cream cones.

(One scoop chocolate w/orange, one scoop caramel.  Jay got orange chocolate w/a scoop of praline & pignon, which was amazing)

Another restaurant highlight was Chez Janou.  This was a Provencal style bistro that was very close to our hotel in the Marais neighborhood.  It felt like a homey neighborhood restaurant with a very relaxed atmosphere that made you want to linger all night.  Great ambiance inside, but we chose to sit outside because it was such a warm night and a quiet street.  We got there around 7:30 pm and eventually folks were lined up on the street waiting for a table.  Luckily our enjoyment of this establishment was not affected by Jay’s dinner choice of calves head.  He was warned by the waiter that it was a controversial choice and opted for it anyway.

(Chez Janou)

Vin des Pyrénées was another great restaurant that was close to our hotel with delicious food and a lively atmoshphere. @lbjay declared his steak as one of the best he had in his life :

Final culinary highlight . . . Colorful and tasty macaroons!  I was quite fond of the lemon mint on the bottom left.

We also really enjoyed the thin almond dark chocolate bark from L’Atelier du Chocolat.  We will have one final night in Paris at the end of August before we head home and I am already plotting how we can eat wisely that night.

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