Origami Wedding Present

We wanted to get some recently married friends a menu board of some kind for a wedding present.  They like to laugh at @lbjay‘s menu (see above) so we thought it would be funny.  I found blackboard decals and decided to combine it with some crafty items.

I painted some veggies on some moleskine notebooks and made some origami letters to spell menu.  I laminated the letters and added Velcro to the back.  I found the patterns for the letters at the Origami Club website.  There are endless cool instructions there.

In the spirit of reusing items I was very proud of my wrapping solution.  I saved a package from curtains and reused some tissue paper.  I will always save curtain packaging now.  I especially liked the built-in pouch for a label and the snaps.

If you would like to see a super moving video of the happy couple you can watch Dana and Katie Get Married on the Seven Days website.

For all my wedding related crafts click here.

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