Handmade Xmas: Update

We stuck to our handmade pledge and had a lot of fun shopping for handmade items this year for Christmas.  Most of our gifts were purchased from Vendors at Bazaar Bizaare – Boston . See pics of some of the items below.

These Fishing Reel Frames from Mean & Wroughten, from Portland, ME were a big hit.

So were the beautiful hand-painted trays from Zeal handmade.  I especially like the map of the New York City subway that includes Astoria.

Here is a group shot of some more gifts.  Unfortunately I can’t remember where they all came from.  I do know that the cupcake pincushion is from Emily’s Handmade Goodies.

A deer necklace from Figs and Ginger.

Lastly, a colorful bulletin board from Maisonwares.  There were a few more things that I didn’t get pictures of and I also made some items that I will post about soon.

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