Homemade Cork Board

Happy Birthday Dad!
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I made my Dad a cork board for his birthday/father’s day this year. I have been saving wine corks for some sort of crafty project for a while. It was fun to piece together the different sized corks and pick out nice designs.  I only laid down one row at a time to make sure that the glue worked.

Here are my top 10 tips to reuse wine corks:

10. Pin cushion for pins and needles
9. Protection for storing sharp objects
8. Make a hot plate, trivet, coasters or bulletin board
7. Put a string through a few for a floatable keychain for your boat keys
6. Place corks inside planters to keep moisture in
5. Use for a science experiment (Make a water compass with a cork, a magnet, a needle and a bowl of water)
4. Make a hideous wreath for the holidays
3. Recycle your corks *See below
2. Sell your corks on ebay!?!?! (Who knew you could do that!)
1. Make a creative statement. Here are some great creative examples at Terramia | Crazy for Corks.

*Many countries recycle cork, but there aren’t any official programs in the US yet. I did find some information for recycling cork over at a site called Corkdork. The best U.S. recycling option seems to be shipping a bunch to a company called Yemm & Hart so they can be made into other cork products. Unfortunately you will have to pay your own shipping.

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4 Responses to Homemade Cork Board

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  2. Wow! What a beautiful cork board! We actually just put up a post about Danny Seo’s cork project featured in Country Home on our blog and were wondering if you’d like to post a comment sharing this beautiful project with our readers.
    Team Wicanders

  3. stephanie S says:

    Hi! I was looking around online for ‘how to’ make a cork board from actual corks and your site came up…… what should I use for the ‘board’ of my project? and what glue would you suggest?? Did you put the Whole cork down, or cut them in half? PLEASE get back to me! I’m hopefully doing this project this weekend for my mom 🙂 Mothers Day is May 10th so…

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