Flea Market Find

Flea Market Find

Originally uploaded by jjzach

At our yearly trek to the wonderful Todd Farm we found an Incredible Hulk fist that makes smashing noises when you punch things. This great flea market find will make a great accessory for Jay’s cubicle. On that note, Think Geek has a whole category devoted to Cubicle Goodies and they even have The Cubes – Cubicle Playsets. Finally the humdrum of cubicle life has been captured in a toy for adults! Just think of the fun you could recreate near the water cooler with the delivery man, the corporate zombies and the sensitivity trainer.

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1 Response to Flea Market Find

  1. Jay says:

    Now I can smash things when I’m bored.

    “You wouldn’t like me when I’m bored!”

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