How To Recycle Plastic Bags

I don’t actually remember to bring my reusable bags into the store all the time and my curbside recycling doesn’t accept plastic bags. Many sources have told me that your local supermarket will accept and recycle bags made of type 2 and type 4 plastic. Today I finally remembered to take a bunch of plastic bags to my local Stop and Shop and found a handy bin in the area where you recycle bottles. The website eHow had a bunch of tips for recycling plastic bags.  Also, has a list of drop-off centers and  Earth 911 lets you search by zip code (which also allows you to search for other recycle items).  There are also trash cans at the Container Store and OXO that allow you to reuse plastic bags, but the downside is that the plastic bag does not get recycled.

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  1. gs1119 says:

    Where do you store your plastic bags? I have invented a new green way to store, reuse, and remember to recycle your plastic bags in your home. The name of my invention is, the GREEN BAG MAN SYSTEM. It is made just for managing plastic bags at home, It even uses a ordinary plastic as a recepical liner. This system saves many steps in the recycling process, and encourages the recycling of your plastic bags. I can see the GREEN BAG MAN SYSTEM in every home similar to the ordinary kitchen trash can. I really believ that my recycling system is the way of the future.

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