Safe Cosmetics

Daily use of beauty products exposes U.S. women to up to 200 chemicals. Only 10 percent of cosmetic ingredients have been screened for safety. (via Sierra Club Magazine)

After checking the labels and throwing away most of my beauty products recently my shelves were pretty empty. I was discouraged to find some of my favorite products were in the trash category (Kiehls, Bumble and Bumble, Kiss my Face, some Trader Joe’s Products, my sunscreen . . .the list goes on and on). I have been on the lookout for good products that don’t have Parabens or Phthalates because they can be linked to breast cancer. It can be really hard to determine if a product has Phthalates because it is often lumped in with the term “Fragrance” so I looked for products that specified that they didn’t have them or I used some of the resources that I blogged about here. So far, the best candidates to replace my products are Burt’s Bees and Suki, which is carried at Whole Foods.

The more I read about this issue the more I feel that I need to do something. Here are a few downloads courtesy of with some information/suggestions:
Safe Cosmetics Sheet
Safe Cosmetics Letter

Since I’m not one to organize a rally or anything I think I might start with sending the letter to a few places, starting with Trader Joe’s since they seem to have such a health conscious business model.

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