I got some Bee-Bots to use with Preschool and Kindergarten students this year in Computer Class. They are small bee-shaped robots that have four arrow buttons to program the bee to go from one place to the next. They were a great hit with students, so I’m hoping to find more opportunities to use them next year. I got the class bundle that included 5 Bee-Bots. Since I never have more than 5 students, this allowed each young student to independently program and learn control, directional language and programming skills. It is a fairly new product from the the U.K. and there aren’t a ton of on-line resources yet. I might search around and see if some of the Logo resources can be translated to the Bee-Bot.

Update: Just learned about a great blog in Australia called Bee-Bots Downunder in my comments. Thanks Nicole!

I brought one home to practice and Kitty Kelly was not pleased.

Kitty Kelly vs. Bee-Bot

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2 Responses to Bee-Bots

  1. Nicole says:

    Hello “Easter Kiwi”

    I am a Bee-bot fan too! We have a number of schools sharing learning experiences with he Bee-bots here in Western Sydney, Australia too.

    We are very impressed with the diversity of cross curriculum learning opportunities they provide our students.

    Check out the Bee-Bots Downunder Blog to see some of the teaching ideas our teachers have identified.

    Best Wishes
    Nicole 😉

  2. easterkiwi says:

    Thank you so much Nicole! What a great resource. I’m already scouring the Bee-Bots Downunder Blog and it is very helpful.

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