We saw An Incovenient Truth last night and we were inspired to start to change the world one worm at a time. The March 2007 Issue of Martha Stewart Living had some great information about how to Compost with Worms. We currently have a Compost Solution, but are going to take a trip to the Arlington, MA Bait and Tackle shop to get started with some Red Wigglers. Here is the Martha Stewart info via Tree Hugger. The article has easy to follow pictures and a nice trouble shooting chart. Unfortunately it is not available on the Martha Stewart website so I will be sure to take careful notes when we make our own vermiculture bin.

Other helpful resources:
Worm Woman
Worms Eat my Garbage, by Mary Appelhof
Worm Solutions

You Grow Girl 

Speaking of worms, pictured below is what could be the biggest earth worm on earth. We saw it last week with our own eyes while in Ecuador. I bet he could eat a lot of our trash!

Giant Earth Worm

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