Window Boxes

I heart my window boxes this year. It is like a full time job keeping them alive, but I’m loving them. Next year I am going to consider lining the cedar window boxes that we have with some sort of self watering container/liner. Ours aren’t terribly deep and they dry out super fast. I especially like how they looks from inside the house.


While I’m on the subject of my window boxes I just want to add that I wanted to put an Amish Good Luck star over our garage (see below) and found something similar at a junk shop and got that instead. A few months back I was cruising the channels and caught a few minutes of the dreadful show Wife Swap and there was a Wiccan woman who had Stars with Circles around them all over the house. Pentagrams! I don’t know how the heck I missed this, but am I giving off an evil aura instead of Home Sweet Home?


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