Fenway Park Tomatoes

Every night the Red Sox play at Fenway I scour shots of the bullpen to catch a glimpse of the Tomato plants that are in the bullpens. I did a search to see what I could find out about their origins and found this info from 2001.


Cumberland Farm sprouts in bullpen (2001)
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald
Bullpen coach John Cumberland is as sick as the next Red Sox fan over the team’s inability to win a World Series since 1918. Cumberland took matters into his own hands last Friday by planting 18 beefsteak tomato plants in the Red Sox bullpen. “I’m trying to change the karma. There’s been bad soil here. Hopefully now it’s good soil.

Now I have 2 questions
1. How many tomato plants are there now? I’m guessing 4 since that is the last time we won.
2. Who takes care of them?

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