Kitchen Remodel



We are trying our best to get our kitchen redone this fall. The plans we have from our designer are above. Our kitchen hasn’t been touched since 1959 so it is long overdue. We are trying to go the simple route and not put in a kitchen that overshadows our small house thanks to the wisdom of Sarah Susanka. I have been obsessed with her Not So Big House books and have taken them all out of the library. We have a sales tax free weekend coming up in Massachusetts so we are ordering a bunch of stuff which will be a huge savings.

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4 Responses to Kitchen Remodel

  1. Mike says:

    General Motors owned Frigidaire back then. The quality was first class. Look how long they’ve lasted. Comparable to GE Profile, Thermador, or Viking today. Built in the USA by US workers in Moraine Ohio. Todays Frigidaire’s are White Westinghouse/Electrolux low end. Even the E-lux top end line is less than these were.

  2. Jennifer Malott says:

    I have a flair stove in which I am trying to sell and tryting to find a place where I can list the item. any suggestions?

  3. Jonas Waxman says:

    Looking for a schismactic diagram for a
    Frigidaire Flair RCIB 645-2

  4. Oh Wow! You have a very nice cabinet. Mine’s all crappy now. I am thinking of getting it remodel,I mean the whole kitchen. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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