The first year we had a decent vegetable garden I ran out of space in our beds so I threw a cucumber in a container and it did fantastic. The following year Jay added another bed so we put the cucumbers in the ground for the past couple of years and they produced about 2 cucumbers total. This year I decided to return to what worked and I put some in a self watering container and in a half keg container that is beneath our bird feeder and it looks like we are in for another year of cucumber overload. Finally!


The second pic was an experiment to see if it did better in a self watering container or just a normal container.  The self watering container cucumber plant seems to be doing best, but both are much better than when they were in the ground.  The pole used to be an old ugly clothes line that we didn’t feel like digging out of the ground so we put a hole in the planter and threw it over the pole after cutting off the clothesline part of the pole.  Big improvement!  Yes that is the Virgin Mary in our backyard.  It came with the house and having been raised Catholic I’m too superstitious to get rid of it.  Instead I threw some pink flamingoes into the mix and it is my little corner of tackiness.  I’m sure some of the neighbors think that we are holy rollers, but that can probably come in handy someday.

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