Recipe = Eggs + Pigment


I took an Egg Tempera Painting class at the SMFA last week. We all did copies of an Italian painting in the Museum from the 14th Century. This included one head study and one drapery study within the same painting. It was great to learn the process and spend so much time on a small painting. I didn’t take pics of all the steps but we started with a drawing, then transfered an ink drawing onto a gesso panel and then painted over the ink study with an egg/pigment combo. Before tempering the panel with paint, the background was etched for definition with a gilding needle (which is like a torture device for the hands). Next the background was covered with gold size, which is a quick drying adhesive for gilding. After the adhesive is down you spread goldish paper down and brush with a paint brush until the background is shiny and pretty. It took a while, but was very relaxing.

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