Olympia, Greece

Arrived in Patras via Ferry. Planned to take a bus to Olympia. Missed our bus because we didn’t realize there was a time change. Travelled by bus for the first time for a long journey. Arrived in Olympia by mid afternoon and the sun was shining. A man from Pension Poseidon greeted us at the bus stop asking if we needed a place to stay. It was very much like a hostel or dorm room, but served its purpose for 1 night. Checked out the ruins in the afternoon. Went to a bar/cybercafe and then had dinner at a place a little walk away from town.

Nafplion, Greece
Thanksgiving Day

In the morning we went to the Olympia Archeology museum. Took a bus from Olympia to Nafplion. It was long and the roads were very steep and curvy. No bathroom on the bus. A man greeted us from Pension Acrople and we checked in. He was a little strange, but there wasn’t a lot open in the town.



Had a wonderful breakfast. Finally found some decent coffee and had some eggs. Checked out the ruins a top the town. Walked down 906 steps. It was rainy so we didn’t venture out of town. Had some fun playing bubble blast at a video arcade. In the evening we got some dinner and hung out at a really ecclectic bar with all sorts of art and junk.


Athens, Greece

My first introduction to Athens was the hole I had to pee in at the Train station. We were told that many places in Greece don’t have toilet paper and that you aren’t supposed to put tp in the toilet after use. Checked into the Hotel Adrian in the Plaka section of town. It was a nice area with views of the Acropolis. Had lunch at a vegetarian place called Eden. Dropped our laundry off finally. Invented the Friends and 7th Heaven Drinking games.


Day 2 of the Friends and 7th Heaven drinking games. Wasted some time in the morning because our laundry wasn’t done. After our laundry was done we walked up to the Acropolis. Had a great take out Souflaki sandwich for lunch. Went to the museum, but it closed at 3pm. Got some ouzo for the drinking game and perfected the game. Went to a place for dinner that had wonderful fried food. Didn’t stay out too late because we had to catch a 7am bus to Delphi.


Athens, Greece – Daytrip to Delphi

Got up very early and went to the Bus station to catch a bus to Delphi. It was rainy on the way there, but it actually didn’t rain while we were there. It was cloudy, but no rain thankfully. The ruins were very cool. Some girl was following us around for a bit trying to get us to be her tour guide. A whiney cat followed us around for a bit. Quickly went throught the museum and had some lunch before catching the bus back to Athens.

Eraklion, Greece

Our flight was cancelled due to a air traffic controllers strike so we had to wait until 7:45pm. It was very rainy and we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to make it to Crete. Went to a Cyber Cafe and research some other possibilities, but decided that Crete was our best bet. Didn’t have time to go to the Archaelogy museum because we thought the flight was at 5:45 pm. Eventually got to Crete around 10pm. Drove East trying to find a hotel, but the closest town was shut down so we drove back to Eracklion and stayed in a triple at the Astoria Hotel.


Sitia, Greece

Drove to Sitia in the rain and check into the Hotel Itanos. Went to a cyber cafe and sipped on Ouzo. Hung out at the cafe in our hotel and played mastermind before having dinner in a local joint. We all had a little too much to drink



Checked out a monastery in the morning and drove to a palm beach. On the way to the beach we came across a bunch of goats in the road. Took a wrong turn and ended up back in Sitia so we had lunch at Zorbas and then had dinner as a great local place. Had the best stuffed grape leaves and finally had a stuffed tomatoe.

Eraklion, Greece

Drove from Sitia to Eraklion and stopped at the Knossis ruins. On the way back a very tiny puppy ran underneath our car, but he wasn’t hurt. Very nice drive, but it was sort of cloudy once again. Had a very nice dinner at an Italian Restaurant in honor of Hunts last night. Finally found a Sydney guidebook and some salon shampoo for me.

Athens, Greece

Flew from Eraklion to Athens in the morning and dropped Hunt off for his flight home 😦 Seems strange not to have anyone with us now. Had yet another horrible taxi ride. Got a taxi at the airport to the hotel that we booked near the airport. Driver didn’t speak any English and he drives us to some point in the highway and just stopped and wanted us to get out. He made no effort to find a hotel in the area. We got out and eventually found our way to the hotel and spent the day relaxing and mentally preparing ourselves for our journey to Australia.

Fly to Australia
Layover in Bangkok

For pictures visit our Greece Gallery.

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