Venice, Italy

Woke up to the craziness of the Election. Gore was about to concede and then took his concession back right as we were watching TV. We watched CNN for several hours it was so exciting. Did a canal tour in the afternoon. Checked out the Cathedral that had a Bellini and some Donatellos. Went to St. Mark’s Cathedral just before dark. Jay got an Italian haircut at Rick’s favorite barbershop. Had the most amazing pasta in the world with peas and cherry tomatoes for dinner. Went to Harry’s bar and had a Bellini.


Went to St. Marks in the morning and dodged pigeons and climbed to the top. Toured the Droges Palace. Had dinner at the place near the hotel with the strange but cute old ladies.


Siena, Italy

Spent the morning in Venice and went to the Art Museum with lots of impressive Venetian Paintings. We found out that there was a water taxi strike so we had to walk from the Hotel to the Train station. Long walk with our luggage, but very cool to see some of the non-touristy Venice streets. Made it to Siena after dark and checked into the Convent with a great view of the city. Seemed like a dorm. Had some lousy sandwiches in the room.


Siena -> Rome

We spent the morning exploring Siena. Climbed up the narrow staircase of the tower in the center of town. Took a later train so I would have time for an Italian haircut. They straightened my hair and it looked very cute. Arrived in Rome in the evening and checked into the Hotel Sonya. Had a very strange meal at a nearby Chinese Restaurant. A WT Italian family seemed to be giving the owners a hard time.


Hunt and David arrive in Rome! Yipppeee!

We picked up the boys in the morning. Took an early train to the airport. They were scheduled to arrive at around 9:15 am. Both flights were late and they ended up arriving at the same time so Jay and I had to split up and go to different gates. We returned to our hotel which was very close to the train station. Met some people from Alaska on the train. Davie and Hunt napped and Jay and I took a break in the afternoon catching up on reading and pictures. In the evening we met up with Matt McCabe and had a great dinner in the Trasavere section of town. I had the best Lasagne in all of Italy. We did a Night Walking tour ala Rick and took some great pictures that accidenely got erased. Because we had 5 people we had to take 2 taxis. The 2 drivers were from the same company and knew each other and were taunting each other about different soccer teams the whole time.


Went to the Colleseum and the Roman Ruins in the am. Tried to go to the Bourgese gallery, We thought we had reservations, but went there only to find it closed. Had another memorable taxi ride back to our hotel. A very old man in an unofficial looking mercedes. Tried to go to the Archeology museum and it was closed too. Went back to our hotel and ate at a Pizzeria near our hotel. The wine was great and there was a man playing the guitar.

the pope


Toured Vatican City. Saw the Pope in St. Peters and got blessed. The Pieta was the most impressive thing about the Cathedral. Toured the Museum and finally saw the Sistine Chapel. Had lunch near the Vatican. Walked around the Trasevere section during the day and made our way to the Spanish Steps. Had dinner at the Irish Pub. Uggh.


Florence, Italy

Took a tour of the Bourgese gallery in the morning before catching a train to Florence. Had lunch at the Cafe near our hotel. It was pouring by the time we got to Florence and the weather seemed to be sort of lousy for the rest of our European trip. Walked around Florence and had dinner at yet another wonderful Frommers suggestion. Stayed at the Hotel Firenze.

Florence 11/16/2000

First thing we climbed to the top of the Duomo. Went to the Academy and saw David and the Prisioners. Tried to go to San Marco but it was closed. Went to the Leather market and shopped around. David started the swacket trend and Hunt and I got leather jackets the next day. It was the best market that we saw on the whole trip.


Went to the Uffizzi in the morning and went back to the leather market in the afternoon and got our jackets. Went to Michaelangelo Park to get a view of the city. The weather got a bit stormy and we had trouble catching a bus back to town.


Took a train to Pisa. Checked out the leaning tower, the Cathedral and the Baptistry and had plans to get back to the station and make our way to San Gimanano. After several bus errors we made our way to the station and then got on a train and then when we changed we got on the wrong train back to Pisa. After waiting around we just went back to Florence and napped before hanging out at our favorite bar – The William. Had dinner at a hip restaurant nearby.


Sorrento, Italy

Took a train to Napoli and then went to the Pompeii ruins. Stored our luggage at the train station. Had lunch at a stand at the entrance to the ruins. We were able to see most of the ruins before the rain started. It poured and we all got soaked. Got to Sorrento and it was raining and we had to walk to our hotel.



Took a high speed ferry to the Isle of Capri. Had lunch right away and then it started to rain. We went to a small town above the Capri town via a very scary bus ride and got very wet before catching a large ferry back.
jz sorrento


Night Ferry to Greece

David left Sorrento by train early in the morning 😦 Hunt, Jay and I made our way to Napoli to catch a train to Brindisi. It was a long day of train travel. 70 minutes to Napoli and 5 hours to Brindisi. Once in Brindisi we met some wacky Canadian kids. We had to find the Ticket office for our ferry and got talked into taking a cab to a place that we could have walked to. Couldn’t use our Eurail pass unless we wanted to sleep out on Deck in the rain. Took the shuttle bus with the Canadian kids, 2 crazy older ladies and a woman from NC. Had to wait around for a really long time for the fus. As soon as we got to the dock area a huge storm started. The electricity went out while the Canadian boys were cooking their dinner on the Coleman stove. We had to board the ferry in the rain and lightening with the Mac Trucks. Went to the bar and was freaked out by the lurking truckers. Went to bed around midnight and slept remarkably well. Jay said he couldn’t sleep because it was very rough.

To see our pics go to our Italy Gallery.

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