Bern, Switzerland

We couldn’t take the night train because it was booked so we spent the whole day getting from Barcelona to Bern. We got to Bern at around 8 and couldn’t find our hotel because the Frommers map was wrong. Ugghh. Had a fun dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.


Was very rainy. Went to the Art museum.


Murren, Switzerland

Much nicer day so we hung out in Bern in the morning. Saw the bear pit, wandered around the craft market and left for Murren. Was such a cool journey to Murren. Took a train to Interlaken and then had to take a funicular and a really small train to Murren. It was just getting dark when we got there and we had to walk really carefully because there was snow and ice. Checked into the Hotel Alpenru.


Was a beautiful day. Very clear. Perfect for our Gondola ride to the Schilthorn on the last day it was open for the season. The Gondola ride was scary, but the view was amazing. Lingered in the revolving restaurant writing postcards. By the time we got back to Murren the town seemed to have shut down for the season. Ate at the Train station restaurant all 3 nights.


There was a terrible wind story during the night. We woke up and it was snowing and stormy. It seemed like we were the only people in the town.


Murren, Switzerland -> Venice, Italy

It took us ALL day to get to Venice. We left Murren at 7:30 am and didn’t get to Venice until 9 ish. We also had to switch trains 8 times and had nine switches if you include the water taxi in Venice. Ugh. It was Election Day and we didn’t even realize it until we got to our hotel and watched CNN. Our Hotel was called Hotel Agli Alboretti. Thankfully they had a restaurant downstairs since we too tired to go hunt around so late.

For pics go to our Switzerland Gallery.

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