Lisbon, Portugal

I haven’t written about today immediately because I haven’t felt ready. It took me almost a week to cool down. We left Toledo early, too early to even get coffee at the hotel. It was still dark outside. Took the train from Toledo to Madrid and that went fine. When we arrived in Madrid we finally grabbed some coffee at the outdoor cafe and walked up the ramp to the street to find a taxi. There were 3 scruffy looking cabs at the top of the ramp and before we knew it we were in a crappy car driving toward the airport without seatbelts. The taxi driver was driving like an absolute maniac. We have been in plenty of crazy cabs before and this was definitely the worst. On the highway he was weaving through several lanes of traffic and cutting off Mac Trucks. When we arrived at the airport he hit a woman’s car on purpose because she pissed him off. We were both really shaken up. We caught our flight and made it to Lisbon. Just before picking up our luggage I asked Jay if he remembered to take the passports out of the safe in Toledo. Doh! Nope. We were in limbo at the airport without passports, but luckily noone asked us for them on our way out. Made our way to the hotel without taking a taxi. Took the public bus instead and that dropped us off pretty close to our hotel. Checked into the Lisboa Tejo and felt too mentally exhausted to leave the room again. Had McDonalds for dinner in the room. Overall a bust of a day!


Saw the ruins above town. Took a Rick tour of town and went up the Elevator.


Took a daytrip to Sintra. Had a wonderful time exploring the Castle and the ruins.


Saw the Belem area of town. Went to the World’s Fair Mall and saw a movie:) Saw What Lies Beneath.


Portugal -> Seville, Spain

Flew back to Madrid. Took a train to Toledo to pick up our passports. Took a zippy taxi ride, picked up the passports and made the train before it headed back to Madrid. Got the speedy train to Seville and checked into the worst hotel yet. The host wouldn’t stop bugging us about going to a Flamenco show. The room was on the first floor and had clearly been broken into before. It was too late to switch so we spent the night there.

For pictures visit our Portugal Gallery.

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