Prague, The Czech Republic

Spent the morning trying to take it easy in Salzburg and caught our train to Munich. Had lunch at the Times Internet Bistro and caught our train to Prague. Got into Prague at about 9pm. Thought we would be approached by more ppl. offering accomodations like in Budapest. There were some, but not as many. Took a taxi to our hotel. Paid a little too much, but all the cab drives seemed seedy so we went with a guy who offered a lower price. Checked into Hotel Lunik and it had 2 single beds 😦


We took it easy today because I was fighting a cold. Shopped around in the Wencles Square area. Checked out the Old town Square. Arrived just in time to see the clock do its thing. Found an awesome cyber cafe that was 5 dollars for lots of surfing and drinks. Had dinner at an Australian Restaurant near our hotel and found that Jay’s ostrich tasted surpirsingly like beef.


Went to the Palace first thing and enjoyed awesome views of the city. It would take a year to go through the whole palace so we just strolled through the courtyards. Ate lunch at an outdoor place with a great view. Walked over the Charles Bridge and bought some cool art. Ended up eating dinner at the Hotel we were supposed to stay at when we first scheduled to come here. It was in a much better location.


Prague -> Berlin -> Madrid, Spain

Took a taxi to the train station and found that we should have made a reservation on the train. It was packed with German kids. We eventually moved to first class for no extra fee. Thank God, because otherwise we would have had to stand. We eventually made it to Berlin and had lunch at McDonald’s before catching a bus to the airport. Picked up our tickets fine and hung out at a restaurant and used the computer. Caught our flight, but it left late with no explanation. We circled around Madrid for a while before landing. We caught a taxi and our driver was actually reading while driving. Ahhhhhh! We actually made it to the Hotel Montalvo in one piece.

To see our pics visit our Prague Gallery.

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