Germany – Austria Pt. 2

(Salzburg above)

Munich, Germany

The weather in Munich just got worse and worse. Went to an Art Museum that had a mediocre collection.

We decided that we were sick of Munich and got all packed up so we would be ready to roll on to Salzburg the next morning. The weather was very crappy. In the 40s and rainy and I started to get sick. We went to the science museum and a beer hall in the evening. The beer hall was cool, but our beer wench was nasty.

Salzburg, Austria

We decided to ditch Munich and spend the night in Salzburg. We were so glad we did. It is a gorgeous city. Checked into a cute hotel called the Gasthaus Goldener Ente by 11 am and went to a neat local lunch spot and had a pile of food. It was a real pile with a dumpling sour kraut and pheasant meats. Caught a Salt Mine tour in the afternoon. Enjoyed it, especially the slide. Perfect thing to do on a rainy day. Stole a pic. Saw Hitler’s Eagles Nest. Ate dinner at our hotel and had wonderful roast duck and pumpkin soup. For dessert we tried the Salzburg specialty which was a heap of meringue. We couldn’t finish it all.

For pics visit our Salzburg Gallery.

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