Vienna, Austria

Bopped around the city. Went into a church during a mass and heard some awesome singing. Weather wasn’t that great. Did a Rick orientation tour on the tram and went back to check out what we thought was a fair, but turned out to be senior citizens day. Ended up near the art museum one hour before closing and whipped through it. Had Japanese food for the second night straight.


Breakfast at Frau Wolfs wasn’t as ample as described but our stay with her was certainly memorable. Jay had to wind the clock and I helped her fold sheets. Jay was communicating with her in German. In the morning we changed our excess Hungarian money and toured the catacombs. We went to the Schonbrunn Castle and did a tour. Looked around for boxes and found one at a department store.

Melk Austria

Spent the morning in Vienna packing up the chess sets and figuring out a way to mail them. Finally got them off. Phewww. What a load off of our backs. Had awesome Pumpkin Goulash for lunch and checked out of Frau Wolfs and made our way to the train station in the rain. Arrived in Melk and really liked our hotel. Ate at our hotel and dinner sucked. WEnt across the street and had apple strudel for dessert.

Hallstatt, Austria

Toured the Melk Abbey in the morning. Then we travelled from Melk to Hallstatt. Had to switch trains 3 times. Encountered a major asshole conductor on the first train when we asked him where we needed to switch. The last leg of the train ride was funny. The stops were in the middle of nowhere and we were finally dumped off by the lake in Hallstatt. Had to take a boat across the river to get to our hotel. Had a wonderful dinner with a water view.


Today was a wonderful day of rest and relaxation. For the first time in a long time we enjoyed the weather and the vistas that Hallstatt had to offer. Bought some cool blue and white pottery at a local craft shop. The woman is shipping it for us, which is very nice after our last chess set shipping fiasco. Had a nice lunch by the lake and did a small walk around town. Checked out the chapel with all the bones. When we stopped for cake and coffee Jay accidently asked for take off your clothes coffee instead of take away coffee in German. The locals got a huge kick out of it!

Hallstatt, Austria -> Munich, Germany
We were sad to leave Hallstatt, but made our way to Munich. Checked into The Europaiser Hotel near the train station. Did laundry as soon as we got there and found that the Easy Everything that we were looking forward to visiting wasn’t open yet. Coming soon :(. Walked to a cybercafe that was also a Italian Restaurant and surfed and ate pizza.

To see our pics go to our Austria Gallery.

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