Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

As soon as our train got into the station in Budapest we were flocked with people asking us if we needed a taxi or a place to sleep. We eventually accepted a taxi ride and accidentely left our little prince book in there:(. Oh well. Checked into the Hotel Astra. Climbed to the top of Gellert hill and had a nice view of the city. Lunch at the hotel was great. I really liked my fruit soup. Went to the Gellert Baths and they tried to keep our towel deposit. The baths were really just pools. Nothing special, but the tiled cielings were pretty.


Checked out Castle Hill and found our way to the Children’s Railway. We also did some sightseeing on the Pest side of the Danube. Had dinner on Castle Hill and there was a small band performinig during dinner. It was really funny when he was singing Wonderful/Marvelous.

Budapest -> Vienna, Austria

Travelled from Budapest to Vienna. Had a hard time getting to Vienna. We tried to do too much in the morning and missed our train to Vienna. When checking out of our hotel we remembered that they only accepted cash and Jay had to run to the nearest bank machine and he accidently got almost 2,000 dollars. We just barely missed our train. The next train wasn’t until 3:20 pm so we waited around in a gross train station. Our train was delayed so we waited some more . . . and didn’t get to Vienna until 7pm ish. We were exhausted, but scored some awesome Hungarian chess sets. Checked into Frau Wolfs home and were initiated by the 2 Americans who were checking out.

To see our pics go to our Budapest Gallery.

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