September 14, 2000
Haarlem, Holland

Toured around Haarlem. Checked out the organ that Mozart once played at the nearby church. Went to a strange museum that had inventions, art and dinosaur bones. Also went to the Frans Hals museum. Went out for Mexican food.

September 15, 2000
Haarlem, Holland

Went to Amsterdam after making some arrangements for the next leg of our trip in Germany. Went to the Rijn Museum and checked out the Golden Age Exhibit. Saw Morgan Freeman there. Saw some cool Rembrants, Frans Hals and some Vermeers. Had lunch at a crappy burger place. Went to the Easy Everything in Amsterdam. Had a pineapple/banana pizza for dinner.

September 16, 2000
Amsterdam, Holland

Stayed at the Hotel Astrix. Arrived early and left our stuff there. Our room ended up being nice, but the bathroom ended up being one of the grossest equipped with a poop shelf and a shower that would not drain. Ate at an Irish Pub and walked through a market. Had some really expensive Indonesian food for dinner. Then dinner was called a Rijstafle with tons of different courses. We found it to be a bit of a let down.

September 17, 2000
Day 2 Amsterdam

Went to the Van Gogh Exhibit and saw the Anne Frank house in the evening.

September 18, 2000

Finally got in touch with David’s friend Ellie and made plans to go see Elliott Smith with her. Went on a boat tour. Still didn’t find the worlds tiniest museum. Went to meet Ellie and there was an overweight older chick there and we didn’t approach her luckily. She and her boyfriend were taking pics of Elliott Smith Posters. Went out for drinks on the canal and then Italian food. Ellie gave us some weird Europe suggestions.

September 19, 2000

Took a day trip to Arnhem. Involved a train and then a bus connection. The scenery at the Park surrounding the art museum was amazing. After viewing the incredible Van Gogh collection I was antsy to get outside and enjoy the nice day and the bikes because we had to leave by 4:45pm. Strolled around the Outdoor art area and then grabbed our white bikes and filmed some goofy movies in the sandy area. Our last night in Amsterdam, off to Germany in the morning.

For pictures visit our Holland Picture Gallery.

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