September 6, 2000

Travel day 2. Activate Eurail Passes. Take the train to Gare du Nord Paris. Waited 2 hours for our train to Brussels but couldn’t get on because a reservation and additional fee were required. Get the next train to Brussels switch to Bruges. Walk to our hotel in Bruges – Rembrant Rubens. It sucked and we left after getting yelled at by an old lady. Finally settled at the Hotel Erasmus.

September 8, 2000

Went to the Groenig Museum. Did a canal tour.

September 9, 2000

We took the train to Brussels. Saw a beer Parade. Quickly checked out the Grand Plais. Hunted around for Manekin Pis. We were surprised to find him dressed in an outfit. Went to the Royal Art Museum. It was huge. Almost like 2 different museums. We enjoyed the old Dutch paintings and were a bit burned out by the time we made it to the modern art portion. Checked out the Cathedral before heading home.

September 10, 2000

Went to Damme. Took the bus there and the boat back. We thought that the boat ride would be cool, but we were stuck near some ugly loud German ppl. Toward the end we went to the bow of the boat so we could be the first ppl off. I was waving at passerbys.

September 11, 2000

Toured the Straffe Hendrick Brewery. Checked out the Beginhof. Bought Lace. Finally got inside the church to see the Michelangelo sculpture.

September 12, 2000

Bruges, Belgium -> Luxembourg

We finally go the heck out of Bruges. As Jay was checking out our Rick Steves books arrived yipppeeeee. Had a very easy trip to Luxembourg, but didn’t have time for any food. Once we got to Luxembourg everything went downhill. We had a horrible lunch. The neighborhood we were staying in sucked at the Empire Hotel. Then we walked downtown and saw that there wasn’t much to see. Hung out in a bar that had a computer that sucked. We were trying to get info about Amsterdam. We took a taxi home and she misunderstood us. Empire should be pronounced Empeer. She started taking us in the opposite direction and we didn’t realize it for a while.

September 13, 2000

Luxembourg -> Haarlem, Holland

We decided to get the heck out of Luxembourg today. Somehow we were able to pull everything together before the 10:30 am train. We flipped flopped about what to do next, but reservations in Holland seemed to make the most sense. Had a long haul getting here, but it was worth it. We loved the hotel. Ate a nice restaurant near the hotel.

For more pictures visit our Belgium Gallery.

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