(Haggis pictured above)

Sunday August 27, 2000
Dublin, Ireland -> London, England -> Edinburgh, Scotland

In order to get to Scotland we took a taxi from the hotel to the ferry in Dublin then a ferry to Wales. Then a train to London and a short walk through Kings Cross. Icky. Jay thought he got his watch lifted. Got another train to London Luton airport. Took an EasyJet plane to Edinburgh and then took another taxi to the Hotel. Didn’t get to the Hotel Caleh-Donea until after 11 pm. The owner took us into 2 occupied rooms before finding a third that was empty.

Monday August 28, 2000
Edinburgh, Scotland

Went to Nelson’s monument. Started at the bottom of the Royal Mile at Holyrood Palace. We did the Palace backwards because we thought Rick’s book told us to, but we were supposed to follow those instructions at Edinburgh Castle. Walked up the Royal Mile enjoying the sights and street performers. We found a great card shop called R Somerville’s cards. It was closing in a few days and moving to France.

Tuesday August 29, 2000
Edinburgh, Scotland

Jay was sick:( I went downtown by myself and checked out Camera Obscura and had lunch at a Vegetarian Cafe. Did a little shopping.

Wednesday August 30, 2000
Edinburgh, Scotland

In the morning we checked out the Edinburgh Castle. Loved the Royal Jewels. Met up with Lotus and Mark aka Skitz. First we climbed the Scottish Monument and then we went and had some lunch in a pub. Jay tried Haggis. yum yum. After lunch we went to the National Gallery of Scotland. We made plans to meet with them to climb Ben Nevis.

Thursday August 31, 2000
Edinburgh, Scotland

We had plans to climb Ben Nevis with Lotus and Skitz and forgot to call them the night before so we were hoping that the plan was still on. We waited in the rain for them for 45 minutes and decided to go back to the hotel room. Thought we screwed up, but they were late and got lost. Because of several screw ups we never hooked up and none of us were really that sad because the weather sucked. We were bummed out that we didn’t get a chance to hang out with them again. We ended up having a nice relaxing day and made plans to flee to Oban.

Friday September 1, 2000
Edinburgh ->Oban

Took the train to the west highland coast. The train ride was beautiful. We checked into the Tanglin Hotel run by Mr and Mrs Montgomery. Very cute place. We decided to eat at the restaurant that had a reputation of being very fancy. Since we were starving early because of the all day train ride we went for the early bird special. The place was small and nice but the food was nothing special. We had read that no matter how much you spent on food it was about the same and we found that to be true.

Saturday September 2, 2000
Oban, Scotland

We took the ferry to the Isle of Mull and rented bicycles. It was so beautiful I felt like I was in a dream. Toured the Duart Castle and met Lady MacLain. Stopped at a small Weaving shop and bought some scarves. Saw lots of cute sheep. Had some whisky and beer, and rode a slide before catching a ferry back. In the evening we went to McTavishes Kitchen and enjoyed a corny Scottish show and some awesome Haggis.

Monday September 3, 2000
Oban, Scotland

Did that walking tour in Oban. Saw Dunollie Castle and walked through a sheep field. In the evening we went and saw X-men.

Tuesday September 4, 2000
Oban, Scotland

Our last day in Scotland. We toured the whisky distillery. We were able to get online in Oban at the local Hostel. The breakfast at the Montgomerys was awesome. So far they get the best breakfast award.

Wednesday September 5, 2000
Oban -> Glasgow, Scotland -> Beauvais, France

Today was the start of our 2 day nightmare trying to get from Oban to Bruges. We tried to laundry before we left and it was closed. We eventually were able to do our laundry and caught the train to Glasgow. We splurged for a $30 taxi ride to catch our Ryan Air flight to France. We chose this flight because it was only 22 pounds. We got to the Glasgow airport and start looking for Ryan air and realize we were at the wrong airport. Now we only have 2 hours to make our way to the Glasgow Prestwick airport which is 40 miles away. We take a bus back to Paisley center and get on a train to the airport. This ended up being the wrong train so we had to get off and backtrack 3 stations. We switched to the right train and panicked because we only had 30 minutes to get to the plane. Made the flight because it was delayed a half an hour. Had some horrible hot dogs for dinner. Take the flight to Beauvais, France which is in the middle of goddamn nowhere. Ryan Air considers this to be Paris. There weren’t even taxis at the airport so we had to call for one and share it with another couple. Stayed at a highway hotel in an industrial area.

To view our pictures go to our Scotland Gallery.

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