p8240011.JPGAugust 19, 2000
Dublin, Ireland

– Stayed at the Ariel House Hotel. Didn’t get in until fairly late and ate at a nearby pub. Had the best Guiness Beef Stew here. Enjoyed the Irish music.

August 20
Ed and Anne’s Wedding

– Trinity College, Book of Kells. Lunch in the Park at the end of Grafton Street. Went to Dublin Castle, but didn’t have the patience to wait in line to go in.

August 21

– Guiness Brewery Tour. Don DeLillo Play – Valparaiso

August 22
Daytrip to Newcastle

August 23
Galway, Ireland

– Took a train to Galway. Stayed near the Train station at the Park House Hotel. Found an awesome discount store where I bought a cute pink shirt and some socks. Also, finally bought a belt with celtic symbols on it. My pants stay up finally.

August 24
The Burren
– We were so glad that we took this bus tour. Our first stop was at some caves. We didn’t go inside we waited outside and got attacked by bees. The Cliffs of Moher were amazing. I bought a cool necklace here. Our guide decided to tell us at 3pm that he didn’t believe in letting his groups have lunch. In the evening we went to an Irish Folk Show.

August 25
Aran Islands
Very rainy and chilly

August 26
– Lansdowne Hotel. We liked the location of this better than the Ariel House. Had awesome Pizza at a nearby place in the afternoon. They had flavored dough. Our last day in Ireland.

For pictures go to our Ireland Gallery.

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