p8150039.jpgAugust 14
Drove from the chateau to the Paris. Made our way back fine in our small german car. Took the Eurostar Chunnel to London. Wasn’t as luxurious as we were expecting. Settled into 16 Sumner Place in South Kensington. Comfortable but a bit expensive. Nice area with plenty of eating locales. Had a great Thai meal. Our Bellboy Antoine was very funny. Took both of our backpacks up at once. One on the front and one on the back. Jay accidently called him Tom.

August 15
Took the Underground to Big Ben and checked out the sites in the area. Went inside Westminster Cathedral and walked by Buckingham Palace before meeting Lotus at Trafalgar square. It was very cool to meet up with her. We were a bit nervous, but it went very well. We had some coffee and had some lunch and went to go to some Sci Fi Movie exhibit. When we got there someone told us it closed down so we went to the London Aquarium instead. That was sort of a bust. Went to a pub afterward. On our way home Jay and I had horrible Fish and Chips.

August 16
Took the Big Bus tour around the city. Stopped at a few ships that Jay wanted to look at and saw the London Bridge and the tower of London. While near a ship Jay accidentely tried to go into a child modeling agency. He thought it was going to be a store selling ship models. Ate lunch at a place called Fish.

August 17
Toured the National Gallery. We really enjoyed the audio tour.

August 18
Met up with Lotus again and went to the Courtauld Institute Galleries. We really enjoyed the impressionist collection. Had lunch at a pub and had meat pies. After lunch we went to the British Museum. AKA the assraping of world culture museum. The first room with the etching was very impressive. We got overwhelmed very quickly. Lots and lots of foreign treasures. Sat down and had banoffee pie with Lotus.

To see pics Click Here.

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