August 2
Got a ride from Mom and Dad to Logan airport. Mom made us a nice lunch. They dropped us off a bit early, but it was a good thing because our flight to Washington D.C. was cancelled. Short layover in D.C. and off to Paris. We had a whole middle row to ourselves so I sprawled out and was able to sleep a few hours.
August 3
Arrive in Paris. Had a bit of difficulty figuring out how to get the train, but we eventually did it. Got the train to the San Michel stop and walked to the hotel. Checked into Hotel St. Jacques only to find that our room was extremely small with a very strange bathroom situation. The toilet was separate from the bathroom and was located at the foot of the bed. You couldn’t even open the door without hitting the bed. We switched to a larger noisier room, but could only stay there for 2 nights. Went to look at Notre Dame before dinner and didn’t bring the camera and there was a full rainbow arched perfectly over the cathedral. Ate at a lousy Chinese Restaurant.
August 4
Day 2 at The Hotel St. Jacques. We were scrambling to find another hotel. Had dinner with the Sokos at a nearby French Family Restaurant. First time I saw Christopher in a while. He came up behind me on the street and pretended to mug me. They knew of a hotel called the Relais d’Medici near the Jardin de Luxemborg and they had vacancy so we booked it for the remaining 5 nights. During the day we checked out the Hotel Deville, San Chapelle, the Pompidou, and the Musee D’Orsay. It rained briefly, but cleared up by the time we were done with the Pompidou.
August 5
Went and looked at the Pantheon before checking out and checking into the Relais Medici. Jay enjoyed Foucault’s Pendulum and Madame Curie’s tomb. We loved the new hotel. Still had the same separate bathroom situation, but it was much nicer. In the afternoon we went to the Musee de Cluney. Enjoyed all the midevil stuff and the Unicorn tapestries.Went running in the Jardin de Luxenborg. Dinner with the Sokos again in the Bastille area of town at a cool place called the Brasserie Bofinger.
August 6
Arc D’Triumphe, Rodin’s Gardens, Petit Palais. Still couldn’t get into Notre Dame. Saw the rollerblading parade go by near our hotel. Had dinner at a nearby French Restaurant.
August 7
The Louvre. Entered through the secret entrance. Dinner with the Sokos for the last time at Le Copole. This time Peter and Isabel were also there. Enjoyed mocking the sculpture in the center of the room.
August 8
Eiffel Tower
August 10
Last day in Paris. We finally got into Notre Dame and climbed the towers. Lots of Pictures of Gargoyles. Did our laundry. Found out that the Sushi in Paris isn’t so great.

August 11

Rent car in Paris. Visit Giverny and a Fort on the way to Mont St. Michel. Get stuck in traffic because it is the weekend and many locals are headed to the coast. Arrive to see the Monastery. At first we are amazed afar, but once we are on the island we were a little overwhelmed by how touristy it was. Stayed at a rather dumpy place called the Mere Poulard or something like that. Very noisy.
August 12

Tour Monastery in the morning and make our way to the Chateau. We love the chateau and enjoyed dinner. Met the Crumbs and speculated that another couple was a Portuguese dignitary with his mistress.
August 13

Made our way to Chenonceau and made several stops in the Loire valley. Took some nice sunflower pictures. Had another nice dinner at the chateau. Took a nice jog in the area. Last day in France.
Click here to see pics.

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