Elsa the Elephant

I finally got around to making this flannel elephant from the Elsa the Elephant toy sewing pattern. I purchased the pattern many years ago, and was motivated to make it when friends named their daughter Elsa.



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Jet Age Glamour

Photo via Auto Universum

Auto Universum, a blog about jet age motoring, has a post about Jet Age Design in the kitchen that features our favorite Frigidaire Flair.  During the jet age of design designers rethought the basic design of many appliances, adding chrome, steel details and color to everyday kitchen appliances.  Through the push of a button, the menial task of work disappeared as the attractive glass doors shut and the burners were pushed away out of sight on the Frigidaire Flair.  The miracle of modern jet age engineering!

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Diaper Cake

A quick, easy and fun project for a new baby.  The diaper cake!


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Family Photos

I hung pictures in our hallway at toddler level so my son can recognize family that we don’t see very often.  He really enjoys pointing and naming all of our friends and relatives hanging in our hallway.  So simple, with a big payoff.

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Blue Doors in Paris

When we were in Paris a few years ago, a highlight for me was admiring all the beautiful blue doors. Here is a collage of some of my pics:

Recently I bought a painting to remind me of these doors from this Paris Collection by Paul Ferney. It hangs along with a print I got of Geneva and both are great reminders of our summer abroad.


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Preschool and Elementary iPad apps

are some iPad apps that I pinned on Pinterest, that I have used successfully in a school setting with Elementary school students. I also have found the Kraken AMS case (pictured right) for the iPad 2 to be awesome.  It is a shock protection case, with a built in screen protector.  Very user friendly for small hands and I have seen a few dropped iPads survive the crash.  At the moment they cost $69.95, but if you are planning to use this in a school environment it is worth the investment.  Another thing to note is that this case fits well into an iPad cart, while many of the kid options are too wide to fit.  I also have a basic edtech category on Pinterest that can be found here for more general stuff like this cool free Bloom’s Taxonomy download:

(Image via Education Technology and Mobile Learning)

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Morning Fog

A few photos that I took early this morning of the Arlington Reservoir.

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Frigidaire Flair on Mad Men

It was only a matter time before the Frigidaire Flair was used on the set of Mad Men.  Check it out!  A double oven Frigidaire Flair made a guest appearance on the season 5 premiere of Mad Men last month.  Screen shot via Uncle Atom.

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EasterKiwis 2012

Not a huge batch this year.  Think famous cartoon couples, completed in the minimalist style.  Inspired by the minimalist LEGO ads that everyone was posting about a few weeks back.

Bert and Ernie

Homer and Marge

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Baby Quilt

Make a quilt has been on my list of goals for a while.  Last year I got a gift certificate for a class at the Cambridge Quilt Shop.  It was an excellent class and I finally finished the final touches recently.  I chose to make a baby quilt, with mostly blue space themed fabric.  I machine quilted it with a walking foot on my sewing machine.  If you look closely you can see that I had some fun quilting 4 stars.  I did need some help from a friend with the complicated binding process.

Here is a shot including the underside of the quilt.

The pattern is from a book called Even More Quilts for Baby, Easy as A B C, by Ursula Reikes.  I am very happy to check off make a quilt from my life list.  Yay!

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